Thales, the B2B marketplace for discovering innovative services

Thales, the digital marketplace for innovation

Thales, Europe’s second largest defense contractor, uses Second to operate a digital services marketplace that enables companies around the world to discover, try and then buy digital solutions offered by their partner network and internal business units.
Encompassing powerful data analytics tools and sales management workflows, the “Trustnest” marketplace helps Thales project their offer worldwide, tighten their partner network, and onboard new customers efficiently.
The tremendous value generated by each new customer has cemented this marketplace as the cornerstone of Thales’ digitalization of services.

Discover Thales TrustNest Marketplace

Thales Digital Factory uses the Cocorico marketplace solution and utilizes the following features:

  • Thales on-boarding
  • Secure authentication
  • Centralized management of user access rights
  • Improved UX with Marketing Automation
  • Monitoring of lead generation KPIs through an intuitive dashboard

Our services have also been used in the following areas:

  • UX & UI design
  • Training and consulting for the development team
  • Technical documentation

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