Connecting Freelance: the B2B service marketplace for SAP consultants

It's like Linked Profinder. Except it's for SAP consultants.

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  • Marketplace type: SAP consultants marketplace
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  • Tech stack: Cocorico, Symfony3, Mangopay, Google Maps API…
  • Industry: IT

Identify and recruit your SAP experts

Connecting Freelance is a B2B service marketplace that specializes in connecting SAP engineers with companies looking for this type of expertise. This marketplace allows companies to publish their specific SAP sourcing needs. SAP consultants can then find and contact the companies needing their expertise. Additionally, companies can search for experts and offer them assignments. This approach allows both parties to be proactive in their efforts.

Connecting Freelance thus facilitates the commercial work of SAP consultants, while ensuring maximum availability of these resources for companies looking for expertise.

Connecting Freelance uses the Cocorico marketplace solution and employs the following features:

  • Request for proposals (RFP) marketplace and direct solicitation marketplace
  • Mission workflow management, of which work reports
  • Two-sided search engine: search for profiles or search for missions
  • Split, recurring and long-term payment rules adapted to a BtoB environment
  • Documents management and messaging service to partake in RFPs
  • Consultant and customer ratings and reviewing service

Our services also covered the following fields:

  • Implementation of specific consultancy workflows
  • B-to-B transaction management consultancy
  • Platform UX and graphic design

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