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Accelerate your business growth with a B2C marketplace

Launch your B2C marketplace and connect businesses directly with consumers to increase your service offering and improve customer experience.

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Digitalize your industry's service offering

Adapted to companies of any size

We work with start ups, SMEs, and big organizations or institutions to digitalize their services.

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MVP in 3 months

Develop a first version of your B2C marketplace fast to enter your market.

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We have supported over 100 companies to successfully develop their marketplaces.

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Expertise in B2C marketplaces

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Dedicated to services

Cocolabs is the only marketplace creator dedicated to the digitalization of online services.

  • Digitalize a service catalog
  • Launch an online service
  • Revolutionize e-procurement

Consulting services

We will be with you during every stage to launch your B2C marketplace and create together the most suitable platform for you.

  • Opportunity and positioning analysis
  • UX analysis and search
  • Operational design

Technical development

We carry out all the technical developments of your platform to bring your project to life.

  • Full tech stack
  • Agile methodology
  • SCRUM inspiration

Pagine Gialle

PgCasa Marketplace


Home service providers in the Italian Yellow Pages lack visibility and are behind in their digitalization.

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The Cocolabs solution

Boost the visibility of the 15000 sellers within the network by allowing them to offer their services on a marketplace dedicated to home services, managing their availability in real time and receiving online payments.

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They key points

  • ItaliaOnline (editor of Pagine Gialle), biggest digital company in Italy
  • 15000 service providers within the network

360travaux Marketplace


It is difficult for individuals to find experienced craftsmen, and for these craftsmen to sell their services online.

See the case of 360travaux

The Cocolabs solution

Launched by CAPEB, 360travaux allows to find artisans in the renovation sector and acts as a trusted third party to promote transactions.

See the case of 360travaux

The key results

  • 12500 craftsmen on the platform
  • Leading platform in the artisan sector
  • Payment solutions adapted to the sector
City of Paris

City of Paris Marketplace


The city of Paris and its partners struggle to find renters for their vacant spaces.

See the case of the City of Paris

The Cocolabs solution

Thanks to this assets rental marketplace, the premises of the city of Paris and its partners can quickly find their future renters. Competitive prices are offered to local businesses, such as bakeries, butchers and coffee shops, or to entrepreneurs looking for a place to work.

See the case of the City of Paris

The key results

  • 15300 registered users
  • 166 published listings
  • Management of visits
  • Multi-criteria search engine

The Second technology, a solution adapted to every sector

  • +1700 features to sell services online
  • A solution proven by more than 1000 companies
  • A solution adapted to the B2C sector and its needs
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Features tailored to B2C marketplaces


Secure payment solutions adapted to your users.


Each vendor has his own middle office to manage bookings.

Business model

Different business models for your platform: fixed commissions, variable commissions, subscription, ...

Booking engine

A highly optimized engine which increases conversion rate and customer satisfaction.

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Launch your service marketplace

Become a major player in the platform ecosystem by launching your service marketplace.

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