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Second™ is the best of breed marketplace solution for services

Second™ is a robust and scalable marketplace solution dedicated to selling and buying services online. This high level of focus ensures that each project delivers the most appropriate features required to selling services online.

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The most powerful marketplace solution dedicated to services

Second™ is a technology that enables companies to launch their service marketplaces efficiently and competitively. This is also the path to future updates and upgrades as a result of continuous research and development investments.

Benefits of adopting the Second™ solution:
  • Infinitely scalable
  • Rapid time to market
  • Continuous updates and upgrades
  • Perfectly tailored to the needs of selling services

Powering marketplaces around the world

50K+ vendors

Over 50,0000 vendors have been onboarded through a marketplace powered by Second™.

+45 countries

Designed for international e-commerce, the Second™ technology is used in over 45 countries.

+1700 features

Second offers natively more than 1700 dedicated features all dedicated to selling services online.

Second™ has been chosen by companies around the world

Start-ups, SMEs, multinationals and governmental organizations all trust Second™ to propel their service marketplaces.

+1700 available features dedicated to sell services online

Geolocation management

Geolocation, location obfuscation, geofencing,...

Availability management

Real time calendar and availability management, calendar synchronization, opening and closing times set up,...

Complex payements

Management of escrow accounts, payment pre-authorization, subscriptions,...

Booking mode

Services sold at fixed prices, per seat, per night, at custom prices, quote request,...

Hundreds of additional features


Our platforms allow you to be GDPR compliant.

Search algorithm

A powerful search algorithm to intelligently match your offer and demand.


Integrated KYB/KYC verification processes for your providers.

SEO optimization

Second is SEO optimized and allows you to implement your own SEO strategy.

Time zone management

Second manages time zone differences and changes.


Verified reviews provided by previous clients.

Yield management

Offer a dynamic pricing based on demand.

Booking system

Optimized booking engine to boost conversion.

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