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The most feature-rich marketplace solution for services

The only marketplace solution dedicated to sell services online. Second is the best of breed technology with which you will always be a step ahead.

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A dedicated solution to launch a high-performance service marketplace, fast

The future of e-commerce is services. Second™ helps you get there.

Capable of deep customization and easily integrated with third party systems, Second is the gateway to selling services online. Coupled with the expertise offered by Cocolabs, it enables companies around the world to become leaders in the digitalization of services.


features dedicated to the e-commerce of services


hours of R&D dedicated to the Second technology


worldwide deployments of the Second solution

User Management

Calendars and yield management



Search engine


Business models

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User Management
Calendars and yield management
Search engine
Business models

User Management


Customers (also called askers or buyers) consume the services offered by vendors on your ecommerce platform. Typical requirements include searching for service providers and the ability to book services.


Operators are the party that manage the platform and all actions carried out by customers and vendors. Typical requirements include vetting vendors, offering support and supervising bookings.


Vendors (also called offerors or sellers) are the users that sell services on your e-commerce platform. Typical requirements include the ability to set prices that vary in time, quoting for work, and messaging with potential clients.

Profile management

Features include the ability to set time zones, languages, logo or profile images, contact details, presentation texts and so forth.

Frictionless KYB/KYC

Streamlined and fully integrated implementation of KYB/KYC requirements ensure optimal user experience on an international scale.

Natural and legal persons

Built for BtoB, BtoC and CtoC business models and ready to manage transactions, escrowing and commission management

Privacy protection and GDPR

Second is fully GDPR compliant and offers tools that both reduce workload on platform operators and that better protect user rights.

Calendars and yield management

Availability management

Second enables vendors to easily synchronize and update their calendars, which in turn provides confidence to customers when making a purchase.

Yield management

Enable vendors to set different pricing policies depending on the day or time at which the service is rendered.

Time zone management

Take into account the potential for multiple time zones, as vendors and customers can be far appart in tele-services.

Time units

Second manages multiple time units: night, day, hour... even down to the second (get it? "Second" references this time unit!).


Service coverage

Determine the coverage area of a service.


Establish the geographical area in which your platform operates.


Disclose the location of the service only after it is booked.

Travel costs

Calculate travel costs through the platform.


Offeror onboarding

Directly on the platform or through a third party application.

Media management

Rich listings:: images, text, videos, pdf.


Providers are evaluated after the service is rendered.

Verification and moderation

You can verify and certify the identity of your users and your offerors' competencies.

Search engine

Coco Search

A powerful search algorithm.

Search by day or hour

Search for available providers during the dates and times which interest you.

Search by category

Search can be carried out by category and subcategory to help your users find the best services.

Search by location

Find the right providers in the right places.


Admin dashboard

Track your platform's main KPIs and manage your users.

Vendor middle-office

A dedicated dashboard to define their service offering and develop it, answer information demands and bookings, and monitor their activity.

Client dashboard

Manage their bookings, completed payments and check their messaging inbox.

Business models

Commission-based model

A fixed or variable commission is collected on every transaction.

Subscription-based model

The buyer, seller or both, need to subscribe to access bookings.

Non-transactional model

Monetary transactions between users are completed outside the platform.

Hybrid model

Combine different business models.

Multiple other features

Second has more than 1700 features... We can't mention them all!

Mobile platforms

The Second solution is fully responsive and adapts to any type of device.

SEO Friendly

Second adopts the latest SEO best practices to ensure your platform ranks at the top of the search engine results.


Second has an integrated messaging system for both you and your users.

Launch your service marketplace

Become a major player in the platform ecosystem by launching your service marketplace.

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