What is a sharing economy?

A sharing economy platform is nothing more than the privilege of using instead of owning a good or service. For example, this results in the sharing of tools or even cars through rental marketplaces.

This model helps the re-circulation of sustainable goods. It also extends the life cycle of a good or service by making it available to everyone on a numerical platform.

Also known as collaborative economy, this type of pattern on marketplaces multiplied itself during the pandemic. Mainly because actors tried to be of use by sharing goods while it was impossible to buy ones.

The growth of sharing economies within the marketplace landscape

Since the emergence of new technologies, exchanges are easier than ever: we can buy or rent a good at any moment and through any device. This is why this model is completely tailored for marketplaces, that facilitate these frictionless exchanges.

Airbnb, Lyft… these are the pioneers known by everyone of the sharing economy. This is a model that is specifically appropriate for C2C platforms, which reunites consumers for the selling or renting of goods.

Others even bet on particular verticals: this is the case of MisterB&B, a sharing economy platform dedicated to the renting of accommodation for the LGBTQ+ community.

A rich technology for an optimal services’ availability

Indicate the geolocation

Knowing the availability location of a service is crucial when booking.
Several location features are included in our sharing economy’s marketplaces: specific location, its coverage or the mobility costs for an optimal exchange between vendors and buyers.

Calendar management

The vendor can set a specific price depending on a particular moment: whether per month, weekday or even the time of the day. A service provider may often offer services outside a marketplace. Thus, our solution allows offerors and buyers to synchronize their calendars to avoid double bookings.

An optimized search engine

Our search engine helps clients to obtain optimized search results thanks to different factors such as location, reviews or provider’s behaviour. All of that to ensure that the buyer will be able to find the service that suits him best!

Adapted business models

Cocorico’s technology includes many different business models to meet the requirements of sharing economies, but choosing the best one may be difficult. Commission or subscription? Contact one of our project managers to discover the solution that suits the best to your needs.

Secured payment solutions

The sharing or the selling of goods and services between customers might be hindered by an important element: trust. Service providers need to be reassured that the payments will be completed when the booking is made. This is why transactions are directly made on the platform through secured payment gateways, delivered by providers associated with Cocolabs. This helps to ensure trust between the parties.

A french solution, available worldwide

  • 1000 deployments of the solution

    Thanks to Cocorico's solution development by Cocolabs, it is now the most used to create service marketplaces worldwide. With more than a 1000 deployments in more than 45 countries, we are experts in the selling services industry.

  • Many platforms launched

    Our collaborators know the stakes and key elements linked to the service industry, which make them unbeatable on our technology. With that they managed to launch, together, more than a 100 service marketplaces.

  • The client at the heart of its project

    Cocolabs adopted the Agile methodology for project management: the client is plunged in and at the heart of the development of its platform. Plus, the flexibility of this method offers a marketplace delivery with a minimum delay.

Over 80 marketplaces were made over a large variety of sectors

misterb&b: an accommodation rental marketplace for the LGBTQ community

The misterb&b platform brings together the global community of LGBTQ travelers. Misterb&b counts over 200,000 properties in 135 countries and has completed two major rounds of funding. Initially focused on peer-to-peer housing rentals, the platform has since widened its scope to include hotels and resorts.

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Horsicar: the B2C rental marketplace for horse transportation

Horsicar is a B2C rental marketplace for horse-trailers and trucks (with or without driver), between individuals, equestrian centers and professionals. This platform solves several shortcomings simultaneously: the lack of horse transportation vehicles available for rental, the prohibitive price for the purchase of these vehicles but also their high cost of ownership. Horsicar supports mutual aid and sharing within a community of united users that are linked by a common passion: the horse.

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Ride My Boat: C2C boat rental marketplace in French Polynesia

Ride My Boat is C2C boat rental marketplace that solves an acute problem for an isolated economy by helping visitors to find and rent boats from owners that need to improve the cost of boat ownership. Indeed importing and purchasing a boat is a costly affair even for on an archipelago. By matching travelers with local boat owners, Ride My Boat reduces the cost of ownership on boat owners, and to helps visitors have access to boat rentals on this idyllic set of islands.

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