Infrastructure & server setup: setting up robust, reliable and bespoke hosting solutions for your marketplace


Cloud and hardware agnostic solutions that can be deployed on-premise and on all cloud solutions

Cocolabs deploys cloud agnostic and hardware agnostic solutions so our clients may freely retain the hosting architecture of their choosing.

Deployed as a containerized solution, with Kubernetes or on traditional server architectures, our marketplace solutions protect you from vendor lock-in.

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  • Cluster architectures

    Horizontal scalability based on a highly available, modular, and distributed architecture.

    The more the load increases on your platform, the more the infrastructure evolves by adding nodes to your cluster without any impact on your software. Additionally you avoid cloud provider lock-in as Kubernetes uses the same Docker stack independently of the host or the environment.

  • Cloud & Traditional architectures

    Enjoy unfettered access to all of your server's ressources while delegating management and operations.

    Cocolabs offers fully managed cloud & server deployment and maintenance services so you may focus on your core business needs while reducing overheads.

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