Wireframes: laying out the ideal user experience for your online marketplace platform


Bringing your online marketplace platform to life by bringing specifications and design

Wireframes are the first materialization of the interfaces of your marketplace platform. Their role is to focus on ergonomics, interface layout and as a result provide the foundation of the interface part of the user experience.

In order to guarantee an ease of navigation and an optimal user experience, wireframing emphasizes user-centered design by offering interfaces that correspond to needs and applications. The goal is to provide the most intuitive interfaces, based on data extracted from User Research.

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Methodology and operational rollout

Strong experience in wireframing does not stem from repeating the process, but from carrying it through to marketplace platform launch

Our experience in designing wireframes is enriched by the feedback obtained from successfully carrying out the entire process of launching an online marketplace platform. This enables us to bring real life experience to the drawing board so that we can bridge business requirements with real life user behavior.

At Cocolabs, wireframe development is under the responsibility of UX Designers, supported by Proxy Product Owners, who have collectively launched more than 80 marketplace platforms. They bring their in-depth knowledge during the operational deployment of wireframes.


Marketplace platform wireframe examples

These wireframe examples for online marketplace platforms result from the corresponding General Functional Specifications that can be found here.

  • Rate Based Prices Marketplace

    Rate Based Prices are mostly determined by the duration of the service. This is commonly used in rental services, such as hospitality (price per night) or consultancy services (hourly or daily rate).

  • Seat Based Prices Marketplace

    Seat Based Prices are based on the policy that the cost of a service is directly related to the number of persons consuming it. This is a common pricing policy in education (price per student), the entertainment industry (price per ticket) and collective activities (price per participant).

  • Service Based Prices Marketplace

    Service Based Prices is one of the most flexible approaches to setting the price of a service. This pricing policy builds a price from one or several services that can be ordered concurrently, each service carrying a fixed price and duration. This is commonly practiced in personal services, such as hairdressing, where you can combine several services (haircut, color, extensions…).

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