General Functional Specifications: the roadmap to successfully launching your online marketplace platform


General Functional Specifications describe in detail the required capabilities, features and user interactions offered by your online marketplace platform.

Specifications are the first materialization of your future online marketplace platform. Defining your requirements through this lens forces a strong level of abstraction, in particular with regards to interfaces, and helps better define business rules, functionality and user interactions. As a result, the specifications provide a central reference for UX and UI designers, proxy product owner, QA and developers alike.

The Cocolabs’ engineering team has designed over 250 specifications for customers across numerous industries, regulated by diverse legal frameworks and following unique business rules. This experience enables us to rapidly deliver a concise roadmap for our clients, thereby providing the groundwork towards delivering your online marketplace.

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Methodology and operational rollout

Defining the specifications of your online marketplace platform through a rapid and iterative process

Our specifications engineers offer expert guidance to deliver comprehensive specifications that match your online marketplace’s requirements. By combining your industry and cultural expertise with our functional and technical know-how we achieve a strong alignment between business requirements, functionality, and a positive user experience.

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Online marketplace specifications examples

The following examples offer an insight into how specifications are built for various online marketplace platforms

  • Medical services marketplace

    These specifications correspond to a medical services marketplace. On this marketplace, medical services can be booked by the hour. On each of his listings, the lister can offer multiple types of services.

  • Mining equipment rentals

    These specifications correspond to a mining equipment rentals marketplace. On this marketplace the equipment can be rented by the hour. The start time and the end time are set by the asker when making the booking, within the availabilities provided by the lister.

  • Experiences marketplace

    These specifications correspond to an experiences marketplace. On this marketplace, experiences can be booked by the hour. The method of pricing stipulates that the vendor not only fixes the duration, but also the starting times for his services. This is therefore similar to the management of "sessions", where the customer can only choose times previously set by the vendor.

  • Bike rentals marketplace

    These specifications correspond to a bike rentals marketplace. On this marketplace, bikes can be rented by the day. On each of his listings, the vendor can offer several bikes with different prices that depend of the type of bike.

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