Quality Assurance processes that ensure the rapid deployment of your service marketplace


Quality assurance is about quality… and time to market

At Cocolabs we believe that beyond the intrinsic benefits of quality assurance, there is also a gain in productivity to reap. In line with our primary mission to provide great user experiences, Cocolabs focuses on Behavior Driven Testing for automated tests. This is completed by two layers of human testing before submission to client review. Automated testing provides a serene coding environment to development teams and project managers as quality is maintained at every step of the process. Quality Assurance Analysts are unburdened from low level testing and can focus on complex exploratory tests. This ensemble ensures faster development and shorter testing phases for a rapid time to market.

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Methodology and operational rollout

A production cycle geared around layered quality assurance

Cocolabs relies both on human exploratory testing and on Behavior Driven Testing to ensure the highest standards of quality assurance. Both methodologies seek to achieve a verification which is as close as possible to the experience offered to the end user.

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Automated testing with behat

Cocolabs deploys Behavior Driven Testing through Behat, a php framework for autotesting

Gherkin is a human friendly language to describe tests in. Essentially it allows you to code your test in a language very similar to natural language, which helps involve clients more deeply in the process of defining the tests. Behat is a php framework which uses Gherkin to execute tests as though they were carried out by a human with a mouse and keyboard (or through a touchscreen). This results in test scenarios that match the actual usage of the marketplace. Below you will find an example of a test being carried out by Behat, the test list written in Gherkin and the tests results.

Sample test of a customer booking a service

The ability for a customer to book a service is one of two essential user cases in a service marketplace solution. This use case always provides a positive user experience to customers and entails multiple effects of which on vendors and bookings. Tests ensure that bookings can be made, and that the ensuing actions and workflows remain fully operational.

Sample test of a vendor creating his services

Vendor onboarding on a service marketplace solution passes through a process known as "adding a listing". Listings contain all the information necessary to book a service, including prices, availabilities and business rules. Tests ensure that new service offerings can be added to the marketplace.

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