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Quality assurance

Ensure the quality of your marketplace respecting your time to market.

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The process

The agile methodology

Proven quality assurance processes to create a high-performing marketplace.

The purpose of quality assurance (QA) is to determine if the deliverable meets the client's needs and the specified requirements. QA verifies the stability of the marketplace and its features within a given use case.

The User Stories make it possible to describe the expected behavior of a given feature and the acceptance criteria to determine its stability. From these User Stories, our lead developers carry out Behat tests and ensure the feature's reliability.

The accomplishment of QA is to make Users Stories evolve to match the users' functional behavior on the platform, and to make the acceptance criteria evolve. The final goal of QA is to cover all user behaviors on the platform and to make the marketplace stable.

Quality assurance is about quality, but also about timing

At Cocolabs, we believe that in addition to ensuring the quality of the marketplace, quality assurance saves a significant amount of time. That is why we have automated behavior tests to guarantee the best user experience. Through testing, our developers can quickly confirm the quality of their developments at every stage of the project, which results in a fast and reliable development to achieve a fast market entry.

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