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Marketplace consulting

Our marketplace consultants have worked on the launch of more than 150 service marketplaces and they will provide you with their unparalleled expertise and experience.

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Our consulting services

Our experts analyze your ecosystem performing competitive benchmarking and identifying your sector's best practices. Our understanding of the market and its specificities allows us to help you establish a concrete launch plan and to sequence your strategy.

Our analysis are performed through the unique prism of the e-commerce of services. Regardless of the type of services which you wish to digitalize and their constraints, we design custom solutions which will allow you to be the leader of your sector.

Our consultants help you define your business plan, identifying future costs and necessary resources. Our expertise in the marketplace model enables us to select with you the most suitable business model for your type of marketplace and the solutions to implement it.

We help you define your Minimum Viable Product, the first operational version of your platform. In order for you to launch your marketplace fast, we guide you to determine and prioritize the essential features to meet your business needs.

Since marketplaces are innovative by nature, we support your change management to maximize internal adoption.
We accompany you during your project's entire life cycle

Our marketplace consultants will work with you during the entire life cycle of your project. Our service offering is adapted to each development stage of your platform to guarantee your success.

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An agile mentality and a pragmatic state of mind

Ambitious projects of large scale entail deep changes within companies. We support your change management and help you define the teams and the necessary organization to meet your project's needs.

Launch your service marketplace

Become a major player in the platform ecosystem by launching your service marketplace.

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