Training programs for operators and developers in service marketplace


Training programs for developers and operators of service marketplace solutions.

With over 70 marketplace launches across the team, our training programs transfer experience to trainees along with operational and technical knowledge.

Whether you require operator training or development training, our programs also deliver deep insights on service marketplaces through the numerous business cases we’ve previously treated. This approach provides context so that tools and techniques can be put to use pragmatically.

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  • Operator training

    Learn the business rules of service marketplace and the features of your administration center

    Service marketplace solutions require a different frame of mind than e-commerce websites. Transactions have deep time management concepts, such as when a service starts, ends, when funds can be paid to providers or refunded to clients. Geolocation often defines the scope of a service, and transactions will carry new notions (service options, time-price variations…).

    As a result, business rules and operational use are indissociable. This training program ensures that operators understand the reasoning behind each feature of the platform.

  • Developper training

    Discover an open source solution built on popular standards and that follows Symfony best practices

    Cocolabs offers its technology Cocorico through the open source and business friendly MIT license. This openness and public scrutiny benefits our customers and our community of developers by pushing us towards best practices and popular standards.

    Built on the Symfony framework, one of the most popular in the world, companies also find it easier to recruit developers to work on an open source solution.

    Adopting Cocorico becomes a straightforward process and an investment that pays off both in the short-term and in the long run.

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