Fully Managed Hosting allows you to refocus eforts on driving your service marketplace solution to success


Our fully managed hosting services cover every aspect of platform hosting and the devops necessary to ensure smooth deployment and testing processes

Fully Managed Hosting services covers a wider range of services beyond making sure your service marketplace solution is always fast and online. Continuous integration, deployments, backups, proactive security policies are all integrated into our service agreements and help you focus on your business rather than on infrastructure.

  • Behat

    Behavior Driven Testing

    Behavior Driven Testing helps technical teams to understand the scope of the project by writing test cases that match customer specifications before any coding work is carried out. Additionally this reduces development costs while improving code quality and relevance.

  • CircleCI

    Continuous integration flow

    Our continuous integration flow based on CircleCI ensures that the latest changes to your platform do not contain bugs by testing the scenarios sequentially. In the event of a bug detection, the integration stops awaiting its correction in order to be able to restart and once again ensure the stability of your platform.

  • Deployer

    Continuous Deployment

    Deployer is a code deployment solution which couples with continuous integration to help deliver the latest changes to your service marketplace solution in a fully automated and procedural manner and without any intervention on our part. This reduces the risk of error, and allows us to focus on high added value operations while accelerating time to market.

  • Provisioning

    Infrastructure provisioning automation

    The first step in automating the life cycle of your service marketplace solution is to automate the provisioning of your infrastructure. With Ansible we simply supply your instances in a compliant, secure, flexible manner, with no agent to install beforehand.

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