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Maintenance and evolution

Maintenance and evolution services for every development pace. A service quality to always ensure an operational platform.

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Manage hosting, evolution and maintenance of your marketplace

Whether you choose a SaaS or On-Premise solution, we have the competencies to work alongside you.

We mainly propose the EC2 solution, included in AWS, which facilitates the web access to your resources in the cloud. You benefit from a vast digital platform with the choice of processor, storage, networking, operating system and purchase model. Our teams also have experience with OVH and Microsoft Azure.


It is possible for you to self-host your service marketplace without any specific preconditions. We provide you with support, so you can master all the aspects of the infrastructure and hosting of your platform.

Thanks to load balancing, your service marketplace is always available and potential server failures will not impact your business. Our maintenance service guarantees your peace of mind at a reasonable price.

Our development teams can support you during short and specific phases to seize opportunities within your market, or recurrent sprints to accelerate your deployment speed.

Our network firewall is configured to counter brute force cyber attacks, DoS and DDoS. Only the HTTP protocol is authorized, the port 80 is only used with the objective of redirecting visitors towards the secured port 443. Each one of our instances has a SSL certificate signed and authorized by all browsers, in order to secure data exchanges by encryption.

We back up the data bases, sent files and scheduled tasks of each one of our instances.

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