Platform handover: understanding IP transfer, source code control and online marketplace ownership


Full ownership, complete services and total freedom with your online marketplace

Our customers entirely own their marketplace, including source code and the liberty to develop or to sell their online marketplace platform. This “on-premise” approach does not however limit the range and coverage of the services we offer. Clients can choose to in-house developments within their own teams, or to outsource to Cocolabs or elsewhere.

Our training programs ensure smooth transitions between teams as strategies evolve and the open source nature of our technology ensures complete independence for our customers.

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Marketplace ownership and access to source code

Getting the “service” in “SaaS” and the independence of on-premise

Online marketplace platforms are core assets for companies that operate them. In this context controlling this asset is therefore a strategic imperative. SaaS solutions threaten this imperative by shifting a core aspect of value away from the marketplace operator. On the other hand, the simplicity offered by SaaS solutions constitutes a strong advantage that companies are tempted by.

Cocolabs bridges the gap between on-premise solutions and their SaaS counterparts by offering full platform ownership coupled with complete services to manage, maintain and host each platform. This entitles our customers to choose between outsourcing marketplace IT or in-housing developments while at any moment being able to switch this model either technically or operationally.

This is made possible by the open source nature of our core technology.

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Cocorico Enterprise Edition License

A permissive license that provides services on top of an open source core

The Cocorico Enterprise Edition License provides access to an extended version of Cocorico, additionally containing a comprehensive set of behavioral tests, as well as access to future updates.

This license grants full ownership of the platform, including access to source code, right to modify code and of course the right to transfer or sell ownership of the platform. The core of the technology is and stays fully open source through the MIT license.

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