Scheduling and cost analysis: building the budget and timeline to launch your service marketplace platform


Bringing clarity to the production schedule and cost estimate of your service marketplace platform

Cocolabs builds cost analyses and production schedules through the assessment of previously developed marketplace projects. These estimates are obtained through three steps:

  • Convert the specifications of your service marketplace into individual tasks (epics>issues)
  • Proxy-Based Estimation (PROBE) to obtain cost estimates on individual issues and transversal disciplines (development, project management, QA, design…)
  • Gantt organization of production
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  • Building a production schedule

    Defining a faithful timeline to launch your service marketplace platform

    IT production schedules are notoriously difficult to estimate often because of the innovative nature of the work involved. Additionally, competitive pressure and time to market requirements push teams to collectively announce overly optimistic goals.

    Our hyper-specialization in service marketplace platforms enables us to use proxy-based estimations both for individual tasks and for overall projects thereby allowing us to obtain realistic production schedules. Our expertise in driving complex IT projects equally allows us to recommend adapted team sizes and organizations to meet cost efficiency and rapid application development.

  • Building a budget

    Defining the cost to develop your service marketplace platform

    Cost analysis of a service marketplace is determined from the platform’s specifications and its production schedule. If a project is cost driven, variables for adjustment are schedule and feature scope.

    Your project engineer helps you design your project with a priority either to cost or to launch date.

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