Designing a service marketplace for great user experiences


Service marketplace design is about providing familiar interfaces enhanced with a dash of amazement

Service marketplaces are still a novelty for many users. They do not follow the standard e-commerce approach, yet we instantly recognize them. AirBNB, Upwork, Thumbtack, BlaBlaCar, Fiverr, or Doctolib, somehow, all look very similar. You instantly know you will not be purchasing a product; you’re not looking for a shopping cart, the search engine is different, the layout is particular and yet this is a familiar environment.

Cocolabs approaches service marketplace design by providing users with interfaces they know and like while ensuring a strong alignment between your value proposition and the target audience. And in the midst of this, we always add that little something that makes each one of our marketplaces shine in the crowd.

Methodology and operational rollout

Adapted design methodologies for service marketplaces

The design process at Cocolabs builds upon the previously designed specifications and wireframes. Design phases continue to be centered around user stories to help project ourselves into the interactions that they will follow.

Adrien Donot

Lead UX/UI
45 marketplace launches

Maxime Lesur

UI Designer
14 marketplace launches

Dylan Leclerc

UX Designer
7 marketplace launches

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Discover the service marketplaces we have designed for companies across the world and spanning numerous industries

WeFarmUp: the world’s largest B2B ecommerce platform to connect farmers

It's like Except it's for farming equipment.

Spacefy: a rental marketplace dedicated to finding spaces for projects, productions, and events

It's like Except it's for commercial spaces.

WineBNB: the B2C marketplace platform for the wine community

It's like Except it's for wine lovers.

Yakaygo: the B2C service marketplace for outdoor adventures

It's like Airbnb Experiences. Except it's for outdoor adventures.

Labtoo: the B2B marketplace dedicated to biotech R&D

It's like Except it's for biotech R&D projects.

Ink Me Up: the B2C marketplace dedicated to permanent makeup

It's like Doctoralia. Except it's for cosmetic tattoo artists.

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