Custom Developments: building bespoke platforms that match business reality


Understanding your business rules is at the core of our custom development work

At Cocolabs each developer brings his experience in developing B2B digital marketplaces and in implementing the business rules that come with them. Strengthened by the experience of launching over 70 platforms, we anticipate future trends and regulatory changes and ensure that your business rules are at the center of the custom developments that we deploy.

Additionally, by submitting our work to public scrutiny through our open source approach, we impose on ourselves the highest standards of coding practices.

  • The world most popular web stack

    We keep people in mind when choosing our tech stack

    We deliver on-premise solutions so that our clients may retain ownership of the value they create. As a result, they can choose between insourcing developments or outsourcing them. Whichever the case, recruiting the right team must be a straightforward process.

    This is achieved by using a popular tech stack, with a worldwide community so that human resources can be found as needed when needed.

    Our platforms are built with
  • An open source marketplace solution

    Open source benefits our customers and code quality

    Cocolabs has always championed open source solutions. What better way to prove it than to share the core of our technology through the open source and business friendly MIT license.

    Business benefits for our customers are clear, but in doing so we also improve code quality through public scrutiny. Documentation too is richer since developers’ capacity to appropriate themselves with our technology is essential.

    Finally, the spirit of open source development brings our teams together in their strive to deliver code they can be proud of.

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