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From having an idea for a platform to marketplace development, Cocolabs will be here for you throughout the entire process of building your marketplace platform.

Technology alone used to be a barrier that prevented companies from launching a marketplace platform. This is no longer the case, however, as the entire service industry is being entered by both newcomers and traditional players.

Companies are faced with the choice of sitting back and watching this happen, similar to how taxi companies reacted to the arrival of Uber, or they can take command of their destiny and adapt to this development.

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Building on your industry expertise and our platform know-how, we deliver a clear roadmap for building your marketplace platform

Ideation is the process of defining the feature set and user experience necessary to successfully launch your marketplace platform. This process has four goals that are essential to the development of your marketplace:

  • Establish what your Minimum Lovable Product will be (MLP vs MVP)
  • Ensure alignment between your needs and the final product
  • Define a clear roadmap for the upcoming design and development phases of building your marketplace
  • Define a budget and production schedule
Deliverables of the ideation process


Building the ideal user experience to facilitate the purchase of services and accelerate the onboarding process of vendors on your marketplace platform.

Cocolabs relies on a true and tested design process as well as years of experience in order to deliver the optimal user experience for the two types of customers you will have: service buyers and service vendors.

We are fully aware of the fact that purchasing services may be a new experience for many customers, and that selling services is unfamiliar to most vendors. We create interfaces with simplicity in mind and build on top of familiar user experiences that they have had on service marketplaces such as Uber, Airbnb, Fiverr, and the hundreds of other platforms that use our technology.

Take a look at the marketplaces we have launched to get a feel for the user interfaces and experiences that we deliver.

Deliverables of the design process


It is always nicer to offer a loveable product. Our production process will bring you from design to launching your platform in as few as 90 days.

Cocolabs has built over 70 custom marketplace platforms for customers across the world that cover numerous industry requirements. Through this experience, we have designed a development process with a cost-effective approach and rapid time to market. Additionally, our quality assurance program ensures a smooth transition from platform launch to operational effectivity.

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Feedback loop & third party maintenance

Rapid deployment and development of features based on your customer feedback loop. Because the customer is king.

The launch of your marketplace platform is the opportunity to initiate the customer feedback loop. Despite your industry knowledge and our vast experience, there is no better opportunity than customer feedback for delivering a world class user experience.

Cocolabs offers dedicated development teams to ensure rapid development and deployment of customer-initiated evolutions. In this process, we ensure Third-Party Maintenance to continuously provide full availability of features.

Deliverables of the development process


Enjoy the service level of a SaaS marketplace solution while retaining control of intellectual property and source code. Cocolabs offers hosting and infrastructure services for insourced or outsourced hosting needs.

Integrate your marketplace into your existing hosting infrastructure or entrust hosting to Cocolabs or a third party. Our stack enables us to deploy multiple hosting requirements and architectures so you may benefit from a fully managed service while keeping the advantages of an on-premise marketplace solution.

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