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Revolutionize your services e-procurement

Centralize all your service providers and optimize your supply thanks to an e-procurement marketplace.

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Marketplaces at the service of organizations' e-procurement

Transform your supply management with a dedicated marketplace.

Delegate the selection of providers

E-procurement marketplaces are the best tool for your operations.

See the case of Diaceutics

Automated management

Automate most internal and external processes with custom solutions.

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Improved monitoring

Maintain control and improve your visibility on your e-procurement.

See the case of the City of Paris

Full custom support to launch your e-procurement marketplace fast

Explore the Cocolabs method

Agile deployment

Launch an operational platform fast and make it evolve through agile development.

  • Scrum inspiration
  • Agile methodology
  • User-centric approach

Change management

A range of services to support your structure during the deployment of its marketplace.

  • Ideation and design
  • UX analysis
  • Assessment and validation

A success-oriented approach

Cocolabs leads your platform towards success and continuous evolution.

  • Training
  • Support
  • Evolution

The Second technology meets all your needs of services e-procurement

  • +1700 custom features adapted to purchase services online
  • A solution proven by more than 1000 organizations
  • A tripartite model: administrators, operators and offerors
Discover the Second technology

Features tailored to your needs

Optimized search

Features to promote the identification of suitable providers.

Admin back-office

Tools to frame, follow and supervise the entire online buying process.


Track the performance of service providers to ensure continuous improvement.


Integration of your payment tools or externalization of payment flows.

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Launch your service marketplace

Become a major player in the platform ecosystem by launching your service marketplace.

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