Cocolabs, leader in the digitization of services

Transform your procurement with a marketplace technology

  • 100 marketplaces launched

    Cocolabs has accompanied more than 100 companies in the creation of platforms dedicated to services

  • MVP in 3 months

    Deploy fastly the very first functional version of your e-procurement platform

  • Leader digitalization of services

    Cocolabs is the only marketplace’s creator entirely dedicated to services

An full and on-demand accompaniment to rapidly launch your e-procurement platform

  • Agile Deployment

    • Scrum inspiration
    • Agile methodology
  • Key accounts accompaniment

    • Conception
    • Integration
    • Operation
  • An oriented success approach

    • Training
    • Benchmark
    • Evolution

The Second technology, perfectly adapted to e-procurement needs

  • Technology created for services digitization
  • Tripartite model: operators, demanders, offerors
  • Operation management tools
  • 1700 native features dedicated to services digitization

Features adapted to your needs

  • Ads

    Rich vendors ads

  • Agenda

    Availability management

  • Evaluation

    Evaluate services providers

  • Geolocation

    Service coverage, moves

Launch your marketplace with confidence

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