Our vision

The digitalization of services sales is the next e-commerce revolution and it represents the main growth lever for companies.

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The only consulting and development company specialized in the digitalization of services

Selling services online revolutionizes traditional commerce and follows new rules. Cocolabs is the only player within the ecosystem which is specialized in the e-commerce of services. Having supported more than 150 companies with the digitalization of their services, Cocolabs is the best partner to enter the platform economy.

We have launched marketplaces in more than 20 countries

We are based in France but our unique expertise in the digitalization of services is globally recognized.

We have launched +150 marketplaces


launched platforms in 2020 vs 2019.

Number of launched platforms during those three years

Our vision

Online services: the new e-commerce revolution

30 years ago, the Internet revolutionized our way of perceiving commerce. Nowadays, a new revolution has started: the service revolution. If the lack of technology and experts has been a problem so far, it is not so anymore.

Services as the growth drivers of e-commerce

The e-commerce of services has a double-digit annual growth since 2012. Between 2012 and 2018, the sale of services has had a growth of 10% in B2C and 17% in B2B. During that period, its growth was almost three times higher than the growth of product sales (approximately 5.6% / year).

Platformization through the marketplace model as its cornerstone

The marketplace model is a win-win for the 3 involved parties: the platform operators, the service providers and their clients. For the operators, it makes it possible to test new offers and markets, increase the scope of their service catalog, or launch a new online service. Service providers benefit from increased visibility and an effective acquisition channel. Clients can access a service offering which can be quickly and easily compared and booked.


We support the digital transformation of large companies, as well as the creation of start-ups

Large companies

Full support from the design of your marketplace, to its operations.

  • Ideation and co-creation
  • Agile development and adapted comitology
  • MVP in 3 months
  • Change management

Small and mid-sized companies

A tailored service offering which takes into account your market's constraints.

  • Consulting and design
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Team training and ownership
  • Long-term support


An offering designed to maximize your execution speed.

  • Definition of essential features
  • Agile methodology
  • MVP in 3 months
  • Internalization at your own pace

A range of services to support your project's entire lifecycle

1. Methodology

Cocolabs methodology

An agile deployment of your marketplace inspired by the Scrum methodology.

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2. Design

UX & UI design

Design the interfaces of a high-performing marketplace which meets your needs.

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Marketplace consulting

Provide our expert view on your market.

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3. Development

Back-end development

Set up the infrastructure, develop the features and connect third party applications of your marketplace.

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Front-end development

Create the interactivity between the interface and the users.

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Quality assurance

Ensure the correct functioning and optimal performance of your marketplace.

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4. Operation

Client success

We work with you to launch and continuously improve your marketplace to guarantee your long-term success.

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Maintenance and evolution

Maintain your marketplace in operational condition and develop the new desired features.

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Provide you with the necessary technical support in every situation.

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The Cocolabs values

Success oriented

Agile evolution

We use the Agile methodology to offer you an operational marketplace as fast as possible. We are inspired by the Scrum framework, which puts you at the core of the project.

Respect your time to market

Our marketplaces are based on robust, adjustable and proven technologies. We work with you to prioritize your features and launch your marketplace in record time.

Adopt best practices

As experts in selling services online, Cocolabs always respects the market's best practices regarding its services and its technical stack.

Launch your marketplace

Become a major player in the platform ecosystem by launching your marketplace.

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