What is a rental marketplace?

Rental marketplaces match offeror and asker for the rental of a property. This type of marketplaces met success in the C2C market at first, with Airbnb for example, but opportunities for B2B markets are growing. It also helped the expandation of peer to peer marketplaces, that is the concept of rental platforms but specified for people that want to propose items that they are not using at the moment.

Cocolabs has accompanied over 15 industries on the road to platformization: legal, tourism, agriculture,… No industry can escape digitalization.

1 asker = 1 offeror: the success of switch rental marketplaces

One of the biggest difficulties on a service marketplace is users onboarding. Completely different from platforms selling products, it is impossible to import a vendors list. But by giving the opportunity to each user to publish a rental ad or to rent items, we divide the user acquisition costs by two!

However, for an online marketplace to be switch, the user type must be the same, namely B2B or C2C.

The rental marketplaces landscape

Rental marketplaces are very diverse, and lots of settings differentiate them. Long term? Switch? C2C? Horizontal marketplace? Social media? This diversity is way more significant when we take a look at the giants: Airbnb, Facebook Marketplace…

When we look at them, it might be hard to know how to make your niche. It is scary to confront a big company with a general platform: this is why it is necessary to integrate a vertical. For example, Misterbnb, a rental marketplace dedicated to the accommodation of the LGBTQ+ community, experiences real success even though they came out after Airbnb.

Over 1,700 features dedicated to rental marketplaces

Price variation by period

Most rental properties have a low, medium and high season. This is why our solution allows the offerers to propose different prices on certain periods or on precise dates.

Native payment solutions

Calendar management enables vendors to set when each service is available, and whether the price varies over time. Our marketplace solution also enables vendors to synchronize their calendars across multiple software providers.

Identity check

When an offeror rents out one of its properties, the offeror needs the assurance that the tenant is not a fraud. This is why ID verification is included in Cocorico.

Calendar synchronization

The rental of the same property can be offered on several platforms to maximize the chances of rental. This is why Cocorico allows the synchronization of multiple calendars to ensure that there are no double bookings.

A rental marketplace solution used worldwide

  • A solution used over 1,000 times

    Cocorico, solution developed by Cocolabs, is the most widely used service marketplace solution in the world. With over 1,000 deployments in more than 45 countries, this technology has become a reference in the service industry.

  • Service marketplaces experts

    Many of our employees have worked in the platform industry since its beginning, making them experts of choice. Collectively, they have launched more than 100 service marketplaces.

  • A customer-centric approach

    At Cocolabs, we have chosen the Agile method for project management: this means that you are at the heart of your project's development; the flexibility of this method makes it possible to quickly deliver a first version of your platform.

Many companies have already called upon our talents to launch their rental marketplace:

WeFarmUp: the world’s largest B2B ecommerce platform to connect farmers

Farmers have to make important investments in equipment in an environment where the price of their production is constantly fluctuating. Wefarmup is a B2B ecommerce platform that helps farmers rent their farming equipment to other farmers.

Wefarmup helps farmers increase revenues and savings, and provides access to specialized machinery without the need to make heavy and long-term investments.

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Spacefy: a rental marketplace dedicated to finding spaces for projects, productions, and events

Spacefy is a marketplace network that provides creative professionals with rental spaces for their projects, productions, or events. Offering the largest network of commercial spaces available in North America and Europe, this marketplace facilitates the discovery of unique spaces for the entire creative industry. Spacefy also presents a powerful search engine that enables you to find the right space, at the right location, for the right price.

Spacefy is listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange and boasts over 10,000 exclusive spaces for rent.

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Horsicar: the B2C rental marketplace for horse transportation

Horsicar is a B2C rental marketplace for horse-trailers and trucks (with or without driver), between individuals, equestrian centers and professionals. This platform solves several shortcomings simultaneously: the lack of horse transportation vehicles available for rental, the prohibitive price for the purchase of these vehicles but also their high cost of ownership. Horsicar supports mutual aid and sharing within a community of united users that are linked by a common passion: the horse.

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misterb&b: an accommodation rental marketplace for the LGBTQ community

The misterb&b platform brings together the global community of LGBTQ travelers. Misterb&b counts over 200,000 properties in 135 countries and has completed two major rounds of funding. Initially focused on peer-to-peer housing rentals, the platform has since widened its scope to include hotels and resorts.

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Ride My Boat: C2C boat rental marketplace in French Polynesia

Ride My Boat is C2C boat rental marketplace that solves an acute problem for an isolated economy by helping visitors to find and rent boats from owners that need to improve the cost of boat ownership. Indeed importing and purchasing a boat is a costly affair even for on an archipelago. By matching travelers with local boat owners, Ride My Boat reduces the cost of ownership on boat owners, and to helps visitors have access to boat rentals on this idyllic set of islands.

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