misterb&b: an accommodation rental marketplace for the LGBTQ community

It's like Airbnb. Except its for the LGBTQ community.

  • #peer-to-peer
  • #rentals
  • #traveltech
  • Marketplace type: House, hotel and resort bookings
  • Website: www.misterbandb.com
  • Tech stack: Symfony, Mangopay, Google Maps API, ECB API…
  • Industry: Tourism

Connecting the gay community through travel

The misterb&b platform brings together the global community of LGBTQ travelers. Misterb&b counts over 200,000 properties in 135 countries and has completed two major rounds of funding. Initially focused on peer-to-peer housing rentals, the platform has since widened its scope to include hotels and resorts.

MisterB&B benefits from the Cocorico technology and uses the following features:

  • Multiple currency and exchange rate management for payins and payouts
  • Intelligent vendor scoring
  • Seasonal prices, volume discounts, and special day prices.
  • Commission based revenue model
  • Long-term rental systems with recurring-payment options
  • Full internationalization of the platform (time and distance units, languages, date formats...)

Our services also covered the following fields:

  • High traffic volume hosting infrastructure
  • International deployment of the platform
  • Third party maintenance services & infrastructure

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