Horsicar: the B2C rental marketplace for horse transportation

It's like getaround.com. Except its for horse-trailers.

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  • Marketplace type: Specialized vehicle rentals
  • Website: www.horsicar.com
  • Tech stack: Cocorico, Symfony2, Mangopay, Google Maps API…
  • Industry: Transportation, equine economy

A community driven marketplace to rent specialized equipment

Horsicar is a B2C rental marketplace for horse-trailers and trucks (with or without driver), between individuals, equestrian centers and professionals. This platform solves several shortcomings simultaneously: the lack of horse transportation vehicles available for rental, the prohibitive price for the purchase of these vehicles but also their high cost of ownership. Horsicar supports mutual aid and sharing within a community of united users that are linked by a common passion: the horse.

Horsicar benefits from the Cocorico technology and makes use of the following features:

  • CtoC and BtoC transactions
  • Drivers licence check for national regulatory requirements
  • Combined price per day and mileage cost calculator
  • Seasonal prices, volume discounts, and special day prices.
  • Commission based revenue model
  • Insurance fees calculation
  • Security deposit, mediation and refund workflows

Our services also covered the following fields:

  • Functional specifications consultancy
  • UX/UI design
  • Third party maintenance services & infrastructure

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