Yakaygo: the B2C service marketplace for outdoor adventures

It's like Airbnb Experiences. Except it's for outdoor adventures.

  • #BtoC
  • #outdoor-economy
  • #traveltech
  • Marketplace type: Outdoor activities bookings
  • Website: www.yakaygo.com
  • Tech stack: Second, Symfony3, Mangopay, MongoDB, Google Maps API…
  • Industry: Recreation economy

Book stunning outdoor adventures, at sea, on land, or in the air

Find and book your next outdoor adventure among more than 3000 curated activities. Parachute jumping, rafting, hiking, and many other activities are available on the platform from highly regarding and publicly reviewed professionals.

Yakaygo enables outdoorsy people to gather and share their common passion: nature.

Yakaygo uses the Second marketplace solution and employs the following features:

  • Layman friendly vendor onboarding
  • International bank transfer payments & escrowing
  • Multiple criteria activities search engine
  • Vendor reviewing, ranking and curation tools
  • Instant vendor payments by wiretransfer
  • Cancellation and refund management

Our services also covered the following fields:

  • SEO optimization
  • Platform UX and graphic design
  • Third party maintenance services

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