Wedding Avocado: Ireland’s wedding B2C digital marketplace

It's like Except it's for wedding services.

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  • Marketplace type: Wedding services & venues
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  • Tech stack: Cocorico Enterprise Edition, Symfony4, Stripe, Google Maps...
  • Industry: Wedding industry

Helping brides and grooms find the perfect venues and service providers for their wedding

Wedding Avocado is Ireland’s leading marketplace to find venues and service providers for weddings. Service providers can quickly and easily sell their service and manage requests directly through the platform. These tools include the ability to manage calendars, service coverage areas, quotations, negotiation tools, messaging, and much more.

Brides and grooms on the other hand can search by date, location, category, typology, and once they’ve found the perfect provider they can engage in discussions, negotiations, and make the initial down payment to reserve the service.

Wedding Avocado uses the Cocorico Enterprise Edition marketplace solution and employs the following features:

  • Requesting a quote, negotiation, and approval workflows to build bespoke offers
  • Location search to find the providers that will travel to your venue
  • Rich communications tools (messaging, document management, transactional SMS)
  • Down payment management to confirm service and venue reservations
  • Fixed fee services and quotation based services
  • Calendar management to declare when venues and services are available, and date based searches
  • Service provider and venue listings that present video, images, texts, attributes, calendars...

Our services also cover the following fields:

  • Specialized payment solutions to manage down payments for venues and providers
  • UX & UI services to build the platform interfaces

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