City of Paris: the rental marketplace for local commerce

It's like RE/MAX Commercial, except it's run by the City of Paris.

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  • Marketplace type: Commercial Real Estate
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  • Tech stack: Cocorico Enterprise Edition, Symfony4, Google Maps, Cocorico API...
  • Industry: Government

Helping businesses gain access to government owned commercial real estate

The City of Paris commercial property rental marketplace coordinates the real estate offerings of multiple government organizations. This marketplace effectively enables local authorities to give local shops and businesses access to prime real estate at competitive prices. This policy enables local communities to maintain access to important local services such as bakeries, butchers, cafés, and book shops.

The City of Paris uses the Cocorico Enterprise Edition marketplace solution and employs the following features:

  • Government organization profile management
  • Integration of a third party CRM to manage platform users
  • Multi-criteria search engine with location search, surface, contract type...
  • Sales flow management tools to engage with prospective tenants
  • Sales team management to rationalize visits across agents
  • Application management, document management and internal messaging
  • Specific operator and administrator tools to streamline activities supervision

Our services also cover the following fields:

  • User Experience consultancy and design services
  • Government agency onboarding strategy design
  • Implementation of the City of Paris technical guidelines and requirements

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