Upkay: find a heating engineer anytime, anywhere in this B2C digital marketplace

It's like Avvo.com. Except it's for heating engineers.

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  • #escrowing
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  • Marketplace type: Heating engineer services
  • Website: www.upkay.com
  • Tech stack: Second, Symfony4, Mangopay, Google Maps...
  • Industry: Renovations industry

Upkay helps clients find a heating engineer nearby, at the right moment

Installing and servicing boilers is a huge industry generating a yearly revenue of over 9 billion euros in France alone. Despite this, however, the industry is very fragmented, does not offer much transparency to its customers, and has very high prices which are often unclear.

Upkay is hoping to solve these problems by leading customers to heating engineers which will allow them to focus on their services instead of marketing them and ensuring transparency of prices.

Upkay uses the Second marketplace solution and employs the following features:

  • Service catalogue management by brand, equipment type...
  • Location search to find the providers that will travel to your location
  • Annual reminder and quick booking feature to service boilers (for adapted equipment)
  • Rich communications tools (messaging, document management, transactional SMS)
  • Variable and fixed fees on providers and customers
  • Date and time based price variations to manage prices depending on the time or day of the booking
  • Escrows, automated bank transfers and dynamic refunds

Our services also covered the following fields:

  • Consultancy in payment gateway selection to manage recurring payments, escrowing and split payments
  • UI and UX design

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