Introducing Ducktor,

the B2C marketplace for vets

It's like Doctolib, except for vets.

  • Type of marketplace: Veterinarians
  • Website:
  • Tech Stack: Cocorico API, Cookie Pro, Cocorico Enterprise Edition, Symfony4, Google Maps
  • Industry: Animals

Ducktor: facilitating the relationship between veterinarians and pet owners to improve animal welfare

The creators of this platform realized that when taking care of an animal, you also have to take care of the owner. Therefore, you must master the customer experience to better take care of the animals. In addition to offering online appointment booking and teleconsultation services, this platform centralizes all health information for the pet. Ducktor makes life easier for pet owners and vets looking for a secure solution that saves them time.

The Ducktor marketplace uses the Cocorico solution and utilizes the following functionalities:

  • Veterinarians on-boarding
  • Secure authentication
  • Emergency consultation
  • Videoconferencing and telecommunication
  • Prescription generated during a consultation
  • Teleconsultation process with a call center agent
  • Improved UX for messaging
  • Calendar synchronization
  • SMS and phone alerts and transactions
  • Secure payment portal with Stripe
  • Pet information management

Our services have also been used in the following areas:

  • Training and consulting for the development team
  • Payment advice
  • UX and functional advice

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