the Hi-Fi classifieds B2C platform

It's like E-bay. Except it's for audio equipment

  • Type of marketplace: Second Hand
  • Website: www.av-market.com/fr/
  • Tech Stack: Cocorico API, Auth0, Cookie Pro, Cocorico Enterprise Edition, Symfony4, Google Maps
  • Industry: Audiovisual

AV-Market, a second-hand platform for audio equipment

AV-Market is an alternative option to the giants of the second-hand industry, and this platform specializes in audio equipment and home cinema. This marketplace aims to win the hearts of professionals and passionate individuals alike and is available in 23 European countries. AV-Market is a new player in the circular economy and is at the heart of trends. Whether you are looking for the resale of equipment built to last, or for its vintage equipment, this B2C platform has it all.

AV-Market uses the Cocorico marketplace solution and utilizes the following functionalities:

  • User on-boarding
  • Secure authentication
  • Centralized management of user access rights
  • Improved UX with Marketing Automation
  • Monitoring of lead generation KPIs through an intuitive dashboard
  • Management of KYBs adapted to legal persons
  • Automatic management of availability calendars
  • User identity verification (ID)
  • SMS alerts and transactions
  • Secure payment portal with Stripe
  • Detailed order tracking
  • Generation of transport labels with immediate payment

Our services have also been used in the following areas:

  • UX & UI design
  • Training and consulting for the development team
  • Technical documentation
  • Payment advice
  • Support for the transition from the old site to the new (user / ad migration, etc.)

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