WeFarmUp: the world’s largest B2B ecommerce platform to connect farmers

It's like getaround.com. Except it's for farming equipment.

  • #agritech
  • #BtoB
  • #peer-to-peer
  • Marketplace type: Peer-to-peer farming equipment rental
  • Website: www.wefarmup.com
  • Tech stack: Second, Symfony, MongoDB, Mangopay...
  • Industry: Agriculture

Wefarmup helps farmers share their farming equipment

Farmers have to make important investments in equipment in an environment where the price of their production is constantly fluctuating. Wefarmup is a B2B ecommerce platform that helps farmers rent their farming equipment to other farmers.

Wefarmup helps farmers increase revenues and savings, and provides access to specialized machinery without the need to make heavy and long-term investments.

Wefarmup uses the following features to power its marketplace:

  • Payments escrowing and transferring
  • Third party insurance integration
  • Walkaround inspection management
  • Price suggestion algorithm
  • Instant messaging between users
  • Commission management per user & category

Cocolabs also provided the following services:

  • Cloud infrastructure with managed services
  • Consultancy in selecting the payment and escrowing solution
  • Low bandwidth solutions for remote access to the service

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