WeChair: the B2B ecommerce platform helping hairdressers find hair salons

It's like WeWork. Except it's the hairdresser that books a seat in hair salons.

  • #beautytech
  • #BtoB
  • #freelancers
  • Marketplace type:: Seat rentals in hair salons
  • Website:: www.wechair.fr
  • Tech stack:: Cocorico, Symfony, Stripe, MongoDB
  • Industry:: BeautyTech

Book a hair salon chair, and offer a professional setting to your customers.

WeChair allows hairdressers without a fixed workplace to book a seat in hairdressing salons which allows them to work in a professional setting. This also benefits hairdressing salons, who make part of their premises available to other professionals. This turns their unoccupied space profitable. The host salon can update its availability instantly, which allows clients to make last-minute bookings. Available in numerous cities in France, seats are available from just €5 per hour.

WeChair uses the Cocorico Enterprise Edition marketplace solution and employs the following features:

  • Management by hair salons of available seats and availability dates
  • Stripe payment gateway implementation (payin, escrowing, split, payout, refunds...)
  • Seamlessly integrated KYB management for legal persons
  • Hairdressers profile and reputation management to help salons in decision making
  • Automated and synchronized calendar management on a per seat basis
  • Strong user identity verification tools
  • SMS notifications engine for bookings and reminders

Our services also covered the following fields:

  • Hosting and infrastructure management
  • Third party maintenance servcies

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