ReflexQVT: the network platform dedicated to the well-being within the company

It's like Fiverr. Except it's only for consultants.

  • Type of marketplace: : Consultants
  • Website::
  • Tech Stack: : Second, Auth0, Cookie Pro, Symfony4, Google Maps
  • Industry:: Government

ReflexQVT, Anact’s project for life quality at work

Anact supports companies and employees so that the improvement of work conditions can conciliate employees’ satisfaction and economic performance. With the ReflexQVT network platform, companies looking for a better life quality of their teams can access consulting services that will guide them in that sense.

ReflexQVT uses the Second marketplace solution and uses the following functionalities:

  • SBO access for different administrators
  • Search by region
  • Using an API to complete the user info
  • Toolbox for the users

Our services have also been used in the following areas:

  • UX & UI design
  • Training

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