Labtoo: the B2B marketplace dedicated to biotech R&D

It's like Except it's for biotech R&D projects.

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  • Marketplace type: Biotech R&D marketplace
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  • Tech stack: Second, Symfony3, Mangopay, MongoDB, Google Maps API…
  • Industry: Biotech / Medtech

Labs you can trust for your Biotech R&D projects

Labtoo is the pinnacle of scientific collaboration, allowing researchers to propose and order experiments from their colleagues. This platform allows labs to capitalize on the knowledge and materials of other laboratories to carry out experiments for which they would not previously have the equipment or know-how. At the same time, a laboratory can also offer to carry out experiments for others to generate revenue or credit that they can use towards experiments of their own from other third parties.

Labtoo uses the Second marketplace solution and employs the following features:

  • Project matching engine to orient requests to the corresponding laboratories
  • Pricing engine that dynamically constructs project prices
  • International bank transfer payments & escrowing
  • Biotech project booking engine and adapted booking workflows
  • Cashout or respend funds received from research projects
  • Cancellation and refund management

Our services also covered the following fields:

  • Specialized hosting infrastructure
  • Platform UX and graphic design
  • Third party maintenance services

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