DXRX: the platform setting a new paradigm for Precision Medicine

A vibrant marketplace where all stakeholders
in precision medicine can collaborate to get
every patient the treatment they deserve

  • Type of marketplace: : Diagnostic Network
  • Website:: www.dxrx.io/en/
  • Tech Stack: : Cocorico API, Auth0, Cookie Pro, Diaceutics API, Cocorico Enterprise Edition, Symfony4, Google Maps
  • Industry:: Healthcare

DXRX: €26 million to connect the companies in precision medicine diagnostics

DXRX enables a vibrant marketplace where all stakeholders in Precision Medicine come to find trusted partners for collaborating on Precision Medicine diagnostics in a secure, standardized way. A DXRX collaboration is an opportunity for multiple stakeholders, including pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, and diagnostic testing providers to work together to solve real-world testing challenges while also ensuring every patient gets the treatment they deserve. Users can work on any aspect of diagnostic development and commercialization, by joining sponsored collaborations or creating their own on the marketplace. This is setting a new industry standard for the launch of precision medicine therapies.

DXRX uses Cocorico's technology and employs the following features:

  • On-boarding of laboratories, creation of profiles and description of organizations
  • Team management tool
  • Integrated communication tools: Intercom chat
  • Secure 2-step authentication via Google Authenticator
  • Centralized management of user access rights
  • Connection of the data of the different users

Our services have also been used in the following areas:

  • UX & UI design
  • Transfering old data to the new platform via API
  • Training and consulting for the development team
  • Technical documentation

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