Examples and case studies of the marketplaces launched by Cocolabs

The marketplaces we have built are the showcase of our talent.

  • Thales, the B2B marketplace for discovering innovative services

  • Introducing Ducktor,

    the B2C marketplace for vets

  • AV-Market.com,

    the Hi-Fi classifieds B2C platform

  • DXRX: the platform setting a new paradigm for Precision Medicine

    B2B marketplaces

  • WeChair: the B2B ecommerce platform helping hairdressers find hair salons

    B2B marketplaces

  • Co-Racer: the B2C rental marketplace that lets you experience thrills on race tracks

    B2C marketplaces

  • City of Paris: the rental marketplace for local commerce

    B2B marketplaces

  • Upkay: find a heating engineer anytime, anywhere in this B2C digital marketplace

    B2C marketplaces

  • Wedding Avocado: Ireland’s wedding B2C digital marketplace

    B2C marketplaces

  • 360Travaux.com: find trusted builders for your home renovation project on a service marketplace

    B2C marketplaces

  • Spacefy: a rental marketplace dedicated to finding spaces for projects, productions, and events

    B2B marketplaces

  • myyeti: the service marketplace for travelers

    C2C marketplaces

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