Meet the Cocolabs partner network

Certified Partners

Cocolabs has built a network of specialized partners to accompany your marketplace project to success

  • Smile

    Smile is the European leader in integration and open source outsourcing solutions with over 1200 employees across the continent. Together with Cocolabs, Smile are capable of launching major marketplace projects in a matter of weeks.

  • ZeTrace

    Self proclaimed "platform enablers", ZeTrace are a highly specialized consultancy boutique that have accompanied several major players in the digitization of their historical business models towards the platform economy.

  • Mangopay

    Mangopay is a Payment Service Provider that is solely focused on marketplaces, with particular capabilities tailored to selling services online. Capable of sending payments to vendors all over the world, this is a first choice for international platforms.

  • S-money

    S-money is a subsidiary of Natixis bank, and offers marketplace payment solutions for both online and offline payments that are specifically adapted to the French market.

  • Redsen Consulting

    Redsen Consulting is a pan-European consultancy firm with a strong specialization in marketplaces. Redsen build opportunity studies for companies envisaging the launch of a marketplace and accompany them throughout the entire ideation phase.

  • Stripe

    Stripe is a Payment Service Provider that offers a fully white labelled solution to manage payments, escrowing and Know Your Customer/Business tools through Europe and North America.

  • Lemonway

    Lemonway offers entirely bespoke payment solutions for marketplaces. Boasting the status of Payment Institution from the French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority, Lemonway is a first choice when complex payment mechanisms are required.

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