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Create a C2C marketplace in which individuals can sell services and rent products. Increase your service catalog accessing a new and limitless offering.

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Create new revenue streams with a C2C marketplace

40 C2C marketplaces

We have launched more than 40 C2C marketplaces to rent and sell services online.

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MVP in 3 months

We build the first version of your platform in 3 months to enable faster time to market.

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55 countries

Our solutions allow individuals in over 55 countries to rent and sell their services online.

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Optimized user experience

We help you understand your clients' needs, as well as define your offer and your business model.

  • Search and analysis
  • Ideation and design
  • Assessment and validation

50 experts

Our expertise applies to the entire process to develop and launch your C2C marketplace, to maximize your chances of success.

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Customer success

We support you to successfully create and grow your C2C marketplace.

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Horsicar Marketplace


Find affordable horse transportation services in spite of the low specialized offering.

See the case of Horsicar

The Cocolabs solution

Horsicar is a C2C marketplace which allows individuals to rent equestrian equipment for horse transportation at affordable prices. Horsicar supports sharing and mutual help within a community of users brought together by their passion for horses.

See the case of Horsicar

The key points

  • 100% insured offerors and clients
  • Secured payment portal
  • MVP in 2 months
  • Tailored business model

Co-Racer Marketplace


Make a usually inaccessible offering visible to motor sport's amateurs.

See the case of Co-Racer

The Cocolabs solution

Co-Racer is a C2C marketplace where individuals can rent sports cars and driving experiences in racetracks.

See the case of Co-Racer

The key points

  • 1st rental marketplace for sports cars
  • International and multi-currency transactions
  • Cancellation and refund system
  • Internal messaging system

The Second technology, a trusted solution

  • +1700 features to sell services
  • A solution proven by more than 1000 organizations
  • A solution adapted to C2C marketplaces
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Features dedicated to C2C marketplaces


Find the service needed by the client, nearby.


Reliable reviews from users who have booked the service before.


Ensured trust thanks to our partnerships with secure payment providers.

Search engine

Find the services which perfectly match the client's criteria.

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