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  • MVP in 3 months

    First version of your platform available in 3 months

  • Expertise on the market

    Specialized in the services digitization, we guide you in the definition of your business plan

  • Client success

    We accompany the growth of your platform with a services panel: training, SEO, growth, strategy etc

A unique expertise in services digitization

  • Dedicated to services

    • B2B Marketplace
    • B2C Marketplace
    • C2C Marketplace
  • Full Support

    • Understanding of your market
    • Conception and Integration
    • Client Success
  • 60 experts

    • A large expertise panel

Use case -


Artisans are challenged by new digital tools and need more visibility to acquire new customers.

Cocolabs solution: 

A networking platform for artisans and launched by the CAPEB which acts in the interest of artisans by giving them visibility while limiting the commissions taken on transactions.

  • 12500 artisans on the platform
  • 3 payment methods (bank transfer, check, credit card)
  • Decision tree for tender

The Second technology solves the services digitization

  • More than 2000 deployments
  • An international technology
  • Proven by Thales, Allianz and EDF
  • 1700 features dedicated to selling services online

Features to launch your service fastly

  • Availability management

    The management of availabilities is in the core of user experience on a service marketplace

  • Profile management

    Three types of profiles co-exist on the platform: vendors, offerors and operators with specific dashboards

  • Geolocation

    Multiple geolocation features: coverage zone of the service, obfuscation, calculation of travel expenses

  • Rich ads

    Ads are rich and helps vendors to inquire a maximum of information, to create trust with the asker

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