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Revolutionize your industry by becoming a major player in the platform industry

Group all the companies of your industry in a marketplace.

Digital transformation

We accelerate your company's digital transformation with you by making it an online reference not to be missed.

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Market expertise

Specialized in the digitalization of services, we accompany you during all the stages to launch your project.

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International capabilities

Adapted payment portals, time zone and availability management, automated translations and more.

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Unique expertise in the online development of a service activity

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Dedicated to service digitalization

Cocolabs is the only marketplace creator dedicated to the online sale of services.

  • Simple or complex services
  • Emerging or mature markets
  • Local or international players

Marketplace specialist

With over 150 marketplace built, our teams understand all intricacies.

  • B2B Marketplace
  • B2C Marketplace
  • C2C Marketplace

Full support

Cocolabs offers you a wide range of expertise to support you during every stage of your marketplace project.

  • Ideation and design
  • Development and integration
  • Launch and operations


ReflexQVT Marketplace


Widely promote QWL efforts and encourage consulting connections on those matters.

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The Cocolabs solution

ReflexQVT marketplace allows companies seeking to improve the quality of working life of their teams to access consulting services which will guide their efforts. ReflexQVT is intended for managers, human resource departments, and responsible actors within private and public organizations who wish to receive support to implement QWL actions involving staff representatives and employees.

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The key results

  • 600 certified consultants
  • Anact-Aract network
  • Platform launched with the Ministry of Labor

DXRX Marketplace


The demand for precision medicine is growing fast and the communication between the sector's players is not smooth.

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The Cocolabs solution

Creation of the first precision medicine network which connects all the sector's players to allow each patient to find suitable treatment fast.

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The key results

  • 2500 partner laboratories
  • 53 covered countries

The Second technology accelerates the digitalization of services

  • +1700 features dedicated to selling services online
  • Solution proven by more than 1000 organizations
  • Marketplaces launched in less than 3 months
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Features to launch your service marketplace fast

Availability management

Real-time availability management is at the core of a service marketplace's user experience.


Multiple geolocation features: service coverage area, location obfuscation, calculation of travel expenses,...

Profile management

Three types of profiles co-exist on the platform: clients, offerors and operators, each with their specific dashboard.

Payment management

Our partners provide you with secure payment solutions to meet your marketplace's needs.

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Launch your service marketplace

Become a major player in the platform ecosystem by launching your service marketplace.

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