What is a freelance platform?

A freelance platform is a marketplace connecting independent workers and companies so that they can deliver their services to them. This type of platform is adjustable to every field such as accounting, marketing or even web development: these freelance services are generally delivered through B2B marketplaces.

This model allows freelancers to find temporary or long term missions in a company that interest them. On the contrary, companies can find the working force they need at a precise moment and thus, easily.

We also call this model the “gig economy”, which means the economy of odd jobs or the on-demand economy, that is mainly composed of independent workers looking for freelance missions.

The freelance platforms in the marketplace landscape

Freelancers are occupying more and more the job market. Indeed, it is predicted according to Peerism, that 80% of the working force in 2030 will be composed of independent workers. And 80% of the large companies are planning to increase the number of freelancers within their teams.

Indeed, freelance platforms are a major advantage for companies: they can find talents everywhere and at any moment. Finally, it also helps to decrease spendings because independent workers are generally part time active in a company to fulfill a precise mission, contrary to a full time employee.

With the coronavirus crisis, a lot of people lost their job, and becoming a freelancer was, for most of them, a second chance in the labour market during this hard time. Plus, marketplaces are adjustable to every field like management, with the Connecting Freelance platform as an example. The idea is that it reunites companies and SAP freelancers engineers. With this platform, a company can expose its needs in SAP sourcing, and consultants or engineers can easily access the offers that correspond to them.

More than a 1,700 features for an optimized freelance platform


3 types of dashboards are available for each type of user, delivered by the Cocorico solution that we use. Thus, the operator easily has access to the marketplace KPIs, the vendor has a large overview of his future bookings while the client can consult its bookings.


Cocorico’s solution provides a geolocation tool allowing vendors to manage the location, service coverage, cost and trip time to deliver the service. Finally, the exact location of each vendor is masked to keep confidentiality.

Calendar management

The vendor decides when a service is available and if the price changes over time. He can choose to set a recurrent one considering the day, month or even certain period of time during the year. Our solution also allows them to synchronize their different calendars to avoid double booking.

Optimized Search Engine

Service marketplaces do not manage bookings with shopping carts but through booking engines. Cocolabs provides a high optimized search engine that will increase your conversion rate and client satisfaction. Thus, companies can find freelancers that correspond to their criteria in a few clicks.

Business Models

Cocolabs propose different business models: commissions on transaction, subscription or invoices. The aim is to choose one that is completely in accordance with your freelance platform! Contact one of our project managers to decide which one suits you best.

A french solution, available worldwide

  • a 1,700 features

    The service industry is very different from the products one. This is why Cocorico focused on the creation of service marketplaces and provides more than a 1,700 features, so that you have all the keys to reach success.

  • 80+ marketplaces launched

    Thanks to the continuous improvement of its expertise, Cocolabs launched more than 80 services platforms and continues to advance. New perspectives and ideas help us change everyday and go with new projects, each one more ambitious than the other.

  • Agile methodology

    Thanks to its flexibility, Cocolabs decided to use the Agile methodology to lead its projects, in order to keep you in the heart of all decisions concerning your platform’s development. At every sprint, several features are proposed and you will have the final word for those who will be implemented to your platform. In this way, you will have the first version in only 30 days!

Over 80 marketplaces were made over a large variety of sectors

Connecting Freelance : la plateforme de mise en relation avec des consultants SAP

C'est comme Linked Profinder. À part que c'est pour des consultants SAP

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