Simplify exchanges within a network thanks to the marketplace model

Thanks to the marketplace model, you can unify your services' catalog and increase your visibility

  • Adapted to key accounts

    We accompany key accounts in the federation of their network thanks to a dedicated panel of services. Solution proven by Thales and Allianz

  • marketplace

    Marketplace model

    The marketplace model is perfectly adapted to the functioning of networks and doesn't need any business model changes

  • Cross-industry specialist

    Cocolabs guided the digitization of 100 entities in 20 industries

Your network in a one and only platform

  • Professional services

    • Market study
    • Business model definition
    • Define your MVP
  • Agile project management

    • Agile methodology
    • Scrum inspiration
    • Jira
  • Client Success

    • Nourishing your strategic reflection
    • Accompaniment in the growth and evolution
    • Training

Use case - DXRX


Connecting the Precision Medicine actors, so that each patient has the right cure, at the right moment


Cocolabs’ solution: 

DXRX enables a vibrant marketplace where all stakeholders in Precision Medicine come to find trusted partners for collaborating on Precision Medicine diagnostics in a secure, standardized way. A DXRX collaboration is an opportunity for multiple stakeholders, including pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, and diagnostic testing providers, to work together to solve real-world testing challenges while also ensuring every patient gets the treatment they deserve.

  • 26 billion of euros raised for the project
  • First diagnostic network for Precision cures
  • More than 2500 laboratories in the center of Precision medicine network
  • 53 covered countries

The Second solution, adapted to every sector

  • Solution used by key accounts such as Thales and Suez
  • Proven more than 2000 times
  • 1700 features dedicated to the services selling

Key features to federate your network

  • Billing

    Allow your network to directly bill their services on the platform

  • Business models

    Integrate the business model wanted on the platform

  • Integrated messaging

    Facilitate the communication between the different actors of the network

  • Internationalization

    Features adapted to every geographic zone