Geolocation in the era of on-demand marketplaces


Geolocation tools to manage service coverage and availability

Defining where a service is available is a prerequisite to selling services on-demand through a marketplace. This includes managing services at a location chosen by the customer, by the vendor, or as a teleservice.

Cocolabs offers a complete geolocation tool-set to sell services internationally and in full alignment to customer needs and existing business practices.

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Service location & range

Managing service bases and service coverage

Many services are available at a specific location, for example at the business’ office or store. Other services are available within an area, defined by the range that the service provider will cover. These business rules directly impact the way a service is purchased, and the information that is passed on to each party. Our on-demand marketplace solutions offer the entire range of features to handle these cases individually and simultaneously.

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Travel expenses

Enable vendors to determine the cost of travel to the service location

When a service is rendered at a location determined by the customer, travel costs may be applicable. Vendors have the liberty to set these costs per mile or km traveled and to set gratuity for short distances. Distances themselves are not calculated in a straight line but by way of road, to be as mindful as possible to the costs incurred and time spent by each service provider.


Determine where business is carried out on your platform

Geofencing tools allow you determine the geographic scope of the services offered on your platform. Cocolabs marketplaces empower you to precisely determine the area in which services may be sold, for example in context to national or regional regulatory requirements that must not overlap.


Giving your on-demand marketplace a global reach with teleservices

Entire spans of the service industry are switching from a meet-to-service model to a teleservice model. Powerful telecommunications software and service management software such as those provided by Cocolabs facilitate this migration.

Our on-demand marketplace solutions lean on geolocation to determine user time zones, which can change as they travel the world, to show and update service availabilities and meeting times.

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Location obfuscation

Preventing platform leakage and strengthening user privacy

Depending on your platform policies, the exact location of services can be revealed before or after a booking is confirmed. Your marketplace can also show service locations as an offset area instead of a precise point, and can reveal precise contact details and coordinates only after the purchase is complete.

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