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Several particularities about a services search engine are visible to the naked eye: you need to search by date, time and location. These notions are indeed novel when compared to traditional e-commerce sites. Other aspects are more difficult to identify and to implement. In traditional e-commerce we manage our stock and know in real time if we can make the sale. In the service industry however, we cannot expect service providers to behave like inanimate objects. It’s not because a provider says that he is available at a given time & place that we can be certain that he will accept a customer request.

To provide users with pertinent search results that have a strong probability of being accepted by the service provider, it is necessary to factor in multiple behavioral aspects when building a search result. This includes taking into account the probability that a service provider will accept (or reject) a request if we send him one.

Therefore, a good search result when selling services is not only the one that matches most closely the search query, but the one that has the most chances of leading to a successful transaction. That is what both the customer and the vendor want from the service marketplace solution after all.

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