Managing vendors and buyers in a multi-vendor ecommerce platform


Powerful user management features designed for multi-vendor ecommerce platforms and selling services online

User management is adapted to multiple user types (businesses or individuals) and user roles (buyer, vendor, operator). The features offered by Cocolabs ensure that whatever the case, each user finds the tools and features he requires.

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User types

Multiparty transactions as the cornerstone of user management

Multi-vendor ecommerce platforms enable transactions between multiple and heterogeneous parties. The most fundamental granularity of users identifies them as vendors, customers or operators.

  • Customers

    Customers (also called askers or buyers) consume the services offered by vendors on your ecommerce platform. Typical requirements include searching for service providers and the ability to book services.

  • Operators

    Operators are the party that manage the platform and all actions carried out by customers and vendors. Typical requirements include vetting vendors, offering support and supervising bookings.

  • Vendors

    Vendors (also called offerors or sellers) are the users that sell services on your ecommerce platform. Typical requirements include the ability to set prices that vary in time, quoting for work, and messaging with potential clients.

Managing profiles

Efficiently manage communities and individual users in context to their role on your multi-vendor ecommerce platform

By empowering users with profile management tools, multi-vendor ecommerce marketplaces provide vendors and customers with an improved user experience.

These features include the ability to set time zones, languages, logo or profile images, contact details, presentation texts and so forth. Each one of these operations can be carried out autonomously and directly by the user without sacrificing operator supervision.

GDPR & privacy management

Using GDPR to provide greater user satisfaction and reduce operator workload on a ecommerce platform

Beyond the regulatory requirements, GDPR is the philosophy that a user’s data is his to control. Cocolabs is fully GDPR compliant and offers tools that both reduce workload on platform operators and that better protect user rights.

Enhanced profiles

Maximize the network effects of your multi-vendor ecommerce platform and increase transactional liquidity

When activated on a multi-vendor ecommerce, public profiles enable users to present themselves and to discover other user profiles. This includes features such as sharing images, videos, and documents, but also displaying account verification level, reviews received and made and for vendors the ability to display the services that they are offering.

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