Dashboards that focus on simplicity, and that scale as vendors and customers become power users


The platforms built by Cocolabs offer dashboards specifically tailored to service vendors and marketplace operators, including industry specific KPIs to track performance.

Selling services online is huge opportunity in large part because this is a new and unconquered market. The flip side is that most vendors are novice to selling their service online. Cocolabs understands this and offers user-friendly and intuitive dashboards adapted to novice vendors, which then scale as they become power vendors.

The operator dashboard in turn is tailored to the requirements of the service industry and to the underlying marketplace notions of managing multiple parties.

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Customer & vendor dashboards

Offer the full tool set to easily conduct transactions, manage purchases and follow sales online with the Cocolabs customer and vendor dashboards.

  • Messages

    The messaging system enables quick and simple engagement between users. Messages can automatically be stripped of contact details (email, phone, website) and the interfaces offer tools to rapidly respond to messages and to follow the status of each conversation.

  • Listings

    Vendors can manage their service offerings through the listings tools. Calendars, geolocation, pricing policies and all other information relative to their services are managed through familiar and user friendly interfaces.

  • Ratings

    Here users will find the reviews that they have made and received. Additionally, any pending reviews are displayed with a call to action encouraging users to add their rating.

  • Bookings

    The Booking panel enables users to follow past, present, and future bookings. This includes a powerful search engine, a quick view of each booking and it's detailed information, and the ability to message each vendor or customer directly from a booking.

  • Payments

    Viewing, searching and exporting of payments are all available through this interface. Users will also find platform invoices here. As for all other tools, this interface adapts depending on if the platform is a switch or non-switch marketplace.

  • profile

    My profile

    “My Profile” offers numerous features enabling users to enrich their public profile, including the display of media, social profiles and much more. Amongst these features are the management of spoken languages (of which the mother tongue) so that transactional emails can be sent in the most appropriate language to each user.

Operator dashboard

The operator dashboard provides you with the right tools to supervise and streamline transactions on your marketplace

  • Statistics & activity

    Offering industry specific KPIs, the operator dashboard provides you with a detailed view of your economic performance and a bird’s eye view of your users behavior. Including individual vendor performance reviewing, customer rankings, margin calculations and the latest user actions on your marketplace, the depth of the statistics and activity reports offers clairvoyance to your day to day operations.

  • Categories

    Category management allows for an infinite number and depth of categories and subcategories which are organized through simple drag & drop operations.

  • Bookings

    Cocolabs helps you navigate effortlessly through your marketplace bookings. You can easily identify involved parties, business volume and platform commissions, date and location of services, booking statuses, payments, payment gateway information…

  • profile


    User management is adapted to the specificities of customers and vendors alike. Enabling one click validation or invalidation of accounts, you can also set individual platform commissions for each member.

  • CMS

    The content management features of the operator dashboard enable you to manage your header, footer menus, pages, and the entirety of the text of your platform and transactional emails in every language offered on your marketplace.

  • Listings

    Find, sort and analyze the listings of your platform through a complete set filters and then export the data to multiple formats in just a click. Listing information is completed by transversal data such as related bookings and corresponding vendor information. The operator can also add a subjective rating to each listing in order to influence their position in search results.

  • Attributes

    Attributes are structured information about a listing. In a car rental marketplace, this could be “Brand”, “Year”, “Transmission”, “Fuel type” … Cocolabs enables platform operators to define the attributes of listings on a category by category basis.

  • Ratings

    Ratings and reviews are the principal element of trust in building transactions between users. As a platform operator you can assess each rating, and when needed moderate them so that they remain aligned with the spirit of your marketplace.

  • Messages

    Selling and buying services requires more communication between parties than found in traditional e-commerce. As the platform operator you can review messages exchanged on your marketplace and moderate them as required.

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