A broad spectrum of business model solutions, ranging from commission based revenues to subscriptions


Flexible revenue model tools that can be combined and adapted to the specific requirements of your online marketplace platform.

Cocolabs offers a flexible and robust set of features to help you capture value from the business generated through your marketplace. The modularity of these features helps marketplace operators imagine and build new revenue strategies, by combining multiple models such as recurring income and commission-based income.

Commission based models

Capturing a commission on transactions aligns the interests of marketplace operators with vendors and customers.

Commission-based business models offer the advantage of having the fewest barriers to entry for users, as the service is free until the marketplace organizes a successful transaction. Cocolabs natively enables you to set commissions on vendors and/or on customers individually, thereby enabling the operator to allocate the charge of commissions asymmetrically between the parties.

  • Variable fees

    Commissions are often set proportionally to the sales price. Variable fees enable the platform to capture a percentage on the amount of each transaction.

  • Fees on vendors

    Here a commission is charged on payables to the vendor. The platform effectively captures a part of the value it has generated.

  • Customised fees

    Fees can be individually set for each customer and vendor, thereby providing a high level of granularity on commissions charged.

  • Fixed fees

    Fixed fees enable the marketplace to set a precise and invariable amount to charge on each transaction.

  • Fees on customers

    Fees can be charged to a customer, on top of the amount requested by the vendor. As a result, the purchase price increases.

  • Combined fees

    Combining commissions on customers and vendors, as percentages and as fixed fees, gives marketplaces the ability to run a competitive and adaptable pricing strategy over time.

Subscription based models

Generating recurring revenue in online marketplace platforms through subscription solutions

Subscription models ensure recurring revenues for a platform. They however present challenges regarding the onboarding of the party that pays the subscription, since the service is charged irrespective of economic performance. To maximize revenues and reduce friction on user onboarding, Cocorico offers features such as free trial periods or the combination of subscription and commission-based models, where customers can shift from one model to another depending on their business volume.

  • Subscribe to list

    This model charges a recurring fee to vendors in order for them to sell their services on the marketplace.

  • Subscribe to book

    Customers are charged a subscription in order to purchase a service from vendors. Until they subscribe, customers can typically view the services of anonymized vendors.

Media buying models

Diversify revenue streams through vendor advertising

Media buying models capture advertising revenue by allowing vendors to promote their services on the online marketplace platform. Often in the form of visibility, traffic, leads, or sales, the purchase of visibility on the marketplace helps vendors draw more value to themselves.

  • CPM - Cost per impression

    The CPM models allow vendors to advertise themselves on the marketplace. Costs are calculated by the number of times the advertisements are shown on the platform.

  • CPC - Cost per click

    Cost per Click is more result oriented in the regard that advertising costs are calculated on the number of times individual users have measurably clicked on an advert.

  • CPL - Cost per lead

    This model calculates the cost of displaying an advertisement by tracking the leads it generates. This aligns the interests of vendors with the marketplace without requiring transaction tracking.

  • CPS - Cost per sale

    CPS is like CPL, except advertising fees are calculated on actual sales instead of leads generated. The CPS fee can be combined with existing platform commissions, if any.

Other models and variants

  • Non-transactional models

    Preserving traditional or alternative business models in online marketplace platforms

    Numerous BtoB marketplaces carry hybrid or offline revenue models whereby transactions are agreed online but payments are made through other channels. Cocorico’s adaptable transaction workflows and payment APIs facilitate the implementation of traditional payment mechanisms as well as third-party solutions.

  • Hybrid models

    Combine business models to diversify and maximize revenue streams

    Cocolabs seamlessly enables the combination of multiple business models to provide diversified revenue streams and a large array of options to the vendors conducting business on your marketplace.

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