Listings are the storefront that present each vendor's services. Listings are essential for successful vendor onboarding.


Listings centralize all information regarding each vendor’s service offering. They are also the first touch-point in vendor onboarding.

In the case of AirBNB each property is shown as an individual listing. Medical service marketplaces often show a listing per doctor. Freelance marketplaces often show a listing per freelancer. Our approach and technology allows us to adapt listings to your business case in order to streamline service bookings and to clearly show rates, availabilities and conditions.

Furthermore, in the service industry, vendor onboarding is most often a personalized process carried out directly on the platform. However, this can also be executed by way of third party applications or data sets.

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Vendor onboarding

Vendor onboarding is the process that enables a service provider to add his service on your marketplace.

The greatest challenge on any marketplace is to successfully and rapidly onboard a sufficient service offering to match your customers needs. This is particularly true on a service marketplace.

The vendor onboarding process is the first touch-point for most service providers on your platform. It is imperative that this experience be positive for them.

Cocolabs understands that most service providers are novice to selling their services online. The vendor onboarding process provides a streamlined and easy to use interface that provides simplicity when adding a service. In a second phase, and when desired, service providers can fine tune their offering through the advanced features of the marketplace.

  • Presenting services through images, videos and documents

    Second enables users to easily showcase images, videos and PDF documents. These media are typically used to present the services on offer, but also enable users to enrich their profile pages.

  • Organize and enrich services through categories and attributes

    Categories and attribute management help enrich and structure the information of the services offered on your marketplace. Categories cluster services into logical groups, while attributes enable service providers to add detailed information.


Moderation policies allow you to focus on the rapid growth of vendor onboarding or on strong quality assurance of services

Second offers the choice between two moderation policies; post-moderation and pre-moderation.

Post-moderation is the policy of verifying and validating listings after they have been posted on your platform. This means that vendors can publish their services instantly, without prior validation from the platform operator. This policy is well adapted to platforms that want to offer the gratification of instantly posting a listing, thereby accelerating vendor onboarding.

Pre-moderation is the policy of verifying listings before they are published. This means that vendors will only see their listings appear on your platform after you have validated them. This approach is adapted to marketplaces that prioritize quality of the listings above all other considerations.

Designed to entice and streamline bookings

Purchasing services online requires a new UX paradigm

Buying and selling services online is vastly different to buying and selling products. Leading service marketplaces have already adapted to this reality. Neither Uber, AirBNB nor Fiverr offer a shopping cart. Also, search experiences on service marketplaces are unique when compared to traditional e-commerce sites. Second offers a user experience which is perfectly adapted to the reality of selling services online.

  • Auto-selection of dates

    When viewing listings, our marketplaces automatically select the nearest available date that can be booked. This “detail” provides the user with a price reference and an availability window without requiring an interaction on his behalf.

  • Geolocation

    Depending on your platform’s policy, each listing either shows an offset area or a precise point from where the service is available. Additionally, if the services are offered within a certain area, this too appears on the map.

  • Reviews & ratings

    Reviews and ratings are immediately visible to users to help them make an informed decision when making a booking.

  • Real-time calendar update

    Each listing displays a calendar that is updated as the vendor updates his availabilities and as bookings are accepted or cancelled.

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