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The used HI-FI platform

AVMarket is Europe’s largest platform for finding high quality used HI-FI equipment. For amateurs and professionals

The wedding platform in Ireland

Wedding Avocado allows you to find all the artists you need to prepare the most beautiful day of your life.

Ducktor, the Doctolib for veterinarians

Ducktor is a feature-rich, multi-service platform that brings the veterinarian closer to the pet owner.

Wineb&b : the platform for wine lovers

Wineb&b allows wine lovers to make oenological escapades and to taste great wines. find trusted builders for your home renovation project on a service marketplace

The CAPEB (crafts and building union) has launched a platform to be put in touch with craftsmen.

Yakaygo, the B2C service marketplace for outdoor adventures

La plateforme Yakaygo permet aux amoureux de la nature de trouver et réserver facilement des activités en plein air.

ItaliaOnline: the B2C marketplace that transforms directories into a wide range of services

Cocolabs supported the first Italian digital company in the digitalization of a directory of 80,000 service providers.

Upkay: find a heating engineer anytime, anywhere in this B2C digital marketplace

Upkay is a feature-rich platform that allows you to find and book the services of heating contractors.

Co-Racer: the B2C rental marketplace that lets you experience thrills on race tracks

Co-racer is the leading platform in Europe for automotive activities on Circuit (140 circuits identified).