A feature rich marketplace solution to quickly create and operate your platform


Cocolabs focuses exclusively on building marketplaces that sell services. Our undivided attention ensures a wide variety of features and the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

A service marketplace commercializes services offered by third party service-providers. It coordinates and validates transactions and acts as a trusted intermediary to ensure irreproachable and consistent quality.

To meet these requirements we use Cocorico, the world’s most feature-rich marketplace solution dedicated to selling services. Cocorico, developed exclusively by Cocolabs, offers 1,600 functionalities and 20 different extensions, so that 90% of your needs can be met natively. As for the remaining 10%? That’s us. With almost 10 years and 100 marketplace launches under out belts, the people at Cocolabs create bespoke marketplaces to achieve full alignment with our customers’ requirements.

User management

Cocorico offers powerful user management features that are perfectly tailored to marketplaces and to selling services online.

  • Customers

    Customers are the users that book services on a marketplace. You can create an open platform so that everyone can make bookings, or strictly restrict it to authorized users.

  • Operators

    Operators are, well, you! They have the power moderate listings, users and bookings and can follow all transactions and messages on the platform.

  • Vendors

    Vendors are the users offering their services on your platform. Vendors can be yourself, your employees or third parties that use your platform as a marketplace.

Profile management

In extension to identity management, profile management enables users to state their languages, preferred communications methods, bank & payment details, bio, profile images, social profiles and to achieve additional verification levels (verified phone, ID, email…).

Frictionless KYB/KYC

Know Your Customer and Know Your Business (KYC/KYB) implementations are offered to users in a fully integrated and frictionless environment. Furthermore, these obligations dynamically adapt to each country’s regulatory requirements.

Natural and legal person management

Service providers can be legal persons (companies) and natural persons (individuals). Cocorico natively offers the tools and streamlined workflows to manage each user type seamlessly, whether they register as customers or as vendors.

Privacy management and GDPR compliance

Cocorico is a privacy by design marketplace solution. It natively offers privacy features to protect user rights and to streamline compliance operations incumbent to platform operators.

Calendars & Yield

Managing calendars and yield in a service marketplace enables customers to conclude bookings with providers easily and confidently.

Calendar integrations

Service providers can synchronize the availability of their services in real-time, across all their calendars and yield management tools. By using industry standard formats, synchronization with additional tools is often native, or easily implemented.

Yield management & dynamic prices

Yield & dynamic pricing tools empower vendors to manage time-based prices in order to maximize economic output. Each service can carry specific pricing rules, such as variable prices depending on the date or time of the booking or dynamic pricing in relation to a surge in demand.

Time zone management

Matching and organizing services requires that each user’s time zone be taken into account. These features reduce no-shows at meeting times. As users travel and change time zones, bookings and alerts are updated accordingly.

Time units

Services are offered in industry wide time units. Hospitality offers bookings on a nightly basis, while most car rental companies will operate on a daily basis. Consultancy services, such as legal advice will instead operate on an hourly basis.


Geolocation tools help define where a service is available. This includes defining the area covered by service providers, cost of travel, matchmaking with customers and time zones.

Service area coverage

Service providers can determine the area that their service cover through intuitive drag & drop tools directly on a map. This enables them to appear pertinently in search results, thereby providing better quality results to customers.


Marketplace operators often need to limit the geographic scope of their providers, either for strategic or regulatory reasons. Geofencing tools enable you to determine the areas in which you allow or disallow services to be offered.


Obfuscation tools enable your platform to show the location of services to users, without them being able to determine precisely where they are situated. This is achieved though marginal randomization of markers on maps, and by displaying offset areas rather than precise points.

Travel cost management

Rendering a service at the client’s location can incur travel costs, either from the first mile or starting from a certain distance covered. Calculating travel costs must be done by way of road, and allows marketplaces to maximize revenues for their vendors.

Booking Engine

Beyond a purchase, a booking is the conclusion of a negotiated or predetermined agreement to provide services between a service provider and his customer. This is typically done through a booking engine.

Built to close deals

Integrated messaging, file sharing, notifications & alerts, expiration delays, automatic translations, reviews and rankings; our booking engine offers the entire feature set to convert inquiries into transactions.

Adaptable booking workflows

Purchasing and selling a service online requires that workflows be adapted to each service. Cocorico empowers marketplace operators to offer highly customized booking workflows that take into the specificities of each vendor and service.

Universal pricing policies

Pricing policies vary from service to service. These include prices per hour or day, prices per service rendered, per seat to access the service, or quotation-based prices. In each case, a fully adapted business logic is provided to vendors and customers.

Metrics made for services

Get a clear view of vendor performance, service statistics and customer satisfaction through the Cocolabs service metrics: average service duration, vendor response times, deal closing rates, cancellation ratios, and much more.


Listings are the entity that display the services being sold by a vendor. They can be compared to a storefront. This pivotal item in presenting vendor services is finely tuned to maximize transaction rates.

Vendor Onboarding

Cocolabs creates marketplaces that offer a highly streamlined onboarding experience for vendors. Designed firstly for services, the onboarding experience makes it easy for vendors to offer their services, whether they are novice or expert to selling online.

Moderation & curation

Marketplace operators have access to productivity tools to curate listings. These operate on top of global moderation policies, such as the requirement for listings to be vetted before they are published.

Dynamic attributes

Attributes offer a structured format for vendors to describe their services. They are also used to refine search results. Platform operators define and update the attributes that are used by vendors easily and on the fly as their catalogue of services evolves.

Rich media management

Vendors can enrich their listings by addling media such as images, videos or PDF documents. This gives the opportunity to vendors to engage more deeply with customers, and to offer a more complete presentation of the services they provide.


Dashboards concentrate many of the interactions that vendors and customers have with your platform. Our dashboards present interfaces that focus on simplicity, but that scale as vendors and customers become power users.

Vendor dashboard

Designed for novice vendors and power sellers alike, the vendor dashboard helps manage messaging, bookings, listings, calendars, reviews and profile information amongst the many features provided.

Customer dashboard

Managing the purchase of a service is at the heart of the customer dashboard experience. This includes sharing files, messaging with vendors, following bookings and their statuses, reviews and following up on payments.

Operator dashboard

The operator dashboard streamlines moderation, curation and mediation of bookings, users, listings and transactions. Built to accelerate daily operations, the operator dashboard also offers powerful metrics, exports and filtering tools.

Business models

Business models in service marketplaces are as varied as services themselves. Cocolabs offers a broad spectrum of solutions, from commission based models to subscription solutions, that accelerate the process to create a marketplace.

Commission based models

Charging a fee on transactions aligns your marketplace with vendors and buyers as the cost of your service is directly correlated with successful transactions. Calculated as a percentage or a flat fee per booking, the commission based business model adapts to most business cases.

Subscription models

Recurring revenues offers the ability for the platform to forecast revenues and for vendors to rely on fixed charges on their sales. Subscriptions can also be applied to customers in the case where they pay to access the catalogue of vendors on the platform.

Hybrid business models

Business models can be combined to generate different revenues from vendors and customers. This includes combining media buying models (cost per lead, cost per click…) with subscription and commission based models, which in turn can be differentiated depending on whether a user is a customer or a vendor.

Marketplace types

Service platforms take various forms depending on the nature of your vendors, their customers, and the services that are being sold on your marketplace. Cocolabs offers a wide diversity of solutions to create your marketplace.

BtoB, BtoC and CtoC

In the case of BtoB marketplaces, transaction rules are typically more sophisticated. In the case of BtoC marketplaces, workflows are adapted to the asymmetry between user types. Cocolabs ensures that business rules adapt depending on the relationship between vendors and their clients.

For the sharing economy and the business economy

Marketplaces need to dynamically adapt the onboarding process and booking workflows to offer a highly customized experience to each user type. Know you Customer (KYC) and Know Your Business (KYB) procedures also adapt accordingly.

Demand driven or supply driven

Marketplaces are built around the relationship between vendors and customers. Supply and demand driven marketplaces each require specific models that deeply impact the user experience. Cocolabs offers dedicated solutions to create your marketplace, whichever the case.