Spacefy: rent spaces for projects, productions, and events

It's like Except it's for commercial spaces.

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  • Marketplace type: Commercial spaces rentals
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  • Tech stack: Cocorico Enterprise Edition, Symfony4, Stripe, Google Maps API…
  • Industry: Commercial real estate

Find the ideal space for your next event, photo shoot or film production

Spacefy is a marketplace network that connects creative professionals with spaces for their projects, productions, and events. Offering the largest network of commercial spaces available in North America and now Europe, this marketplace network facilitates the discovery of unique spaces for the entire creative industry. Spacefy also presents a powerful search engine that enables you to find the right space, at the right location, for the right price.

Listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange, Spacefy boasts over 10,000 exclusive spaces for rent.

Spacefy uses the Cocorico Enterprise Edition marketplace solution and employs the following features:

  • Quotation request, negotiation, and approval workflows to build bespoke offers
  • Commercial real estate spaces management designed for large property portfolios
  • Individual property calendar management and synchronization tools
  • Stripe implementation, split payments and booking specific payment dates
  • Bespoke cancellation and refund mechanisms
  • Multiple currency management and exchange rate mechanisms for international transactions
  • Streamlined property owner vendor onboarding for single or multiple properties

Our services also covered the following fields:

  • Migration of data and users from the legacy platform to the new marketplace
  • UX & UI design with particular attention to negotiation mechanisms
  • Consultancy services in payment gateway selection

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