Ride My Boat: peer to peer boat rentals in French Polynesia

It's like boataround.com. Except it's in French Polynesia.

  • #CtoC
  • #escrowing
  • #rentals
  • Marketplace type: Peer to peer boat rentals
  • Website: www.ridemyboat.pf
  • Tech stack: Cocorico, Symfony3, Lemonway, Microsoft Translator API, Google Maps API…
  • Industry: Tourism

Ride My Boat helps an isolated economy improve its service offering

Ride My Boat is a peer to peer boat rental marketplace that solves an acute problem for an isolated economy by helping visitors to find and rent boats from owners that need to improve the cost of boat ownership. Indeed importing and purchasing a boat is a costly affair even for on an archipelago. By matching travelers with local boat owners, Ride My Boat reduces the cost of ownership on boat owners, and to helps visitors have access to boat rentals on this idyllic set of islands.

Ride My Boat uses the Cocorico marketplace solution and employs the following features:

  • Implementation of the Lemonway PSP in the context of international and multi-currency transactions
  • Vendor onboarding and boat management features
  • International time zones management
  • Implementation of a pegged currency and exchange rate mechanisms with global currencies (XPF)
  • Vendor <> customer messaging system
  • Cancellation and refund management

Our services also covered the following fields:

  • Specialized hosting infrastructure
  • Platform UX and graphic design
  • Third party maintenance services

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